Worm Paradise amusement rides, one of the most popular kiddie spinning rides which is newly designed and manufactured by Beston Amusement. There are six cabins and each cabins could sit 4 passengers which means it can accommodate 24 passengers. Total power of this ride is 11.5 kw. An attractive rides for kids. Contact us for price list now!

Worm Paradise Amusement Rides for Sale
BNWP-24A Worm Paradise Rides

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Beston Cute Worm Paradise Amusement Rides
BNWP-24A Cute Worm Paradise Rides

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Features of Worm Paradise Amusement Rides

Worm paradise rides is a kiddie ride for the lift and spin series which is similar with the samba balloon rides and jellyfish rides. The passengers are seated in the jellyfish cabin, which is like swimming in the ocean and taking in the aquatic life in the ocean. When operating at night, the lights of these free jellyfish are all open, it is another dreamy sea world, super fun for kids. Worm paradise amusement rides can be said to be a princess in the variety of kiddie amusement equipment, elegant and colorful. Get one set for your amusement park now!

Specifications of Beston Worm Paradise Amusement Rides

Voltage 380V
Total Power 11.5KW
Size/Diameter 6m
Running Height 4.5m
Cover Area 8m
Capacity 24 person

Worm paradise also called bugs Paradise. It is a small amusement equipment that suitable for kids. The Bugs Paradise combines colorful balloons with beautiful cockpits. The products are integrated, lifted, revolved and rotated. In fact, worm paradise ride is a miniature version of the flying swing chair. Not only that, but the cockpit above the worm paradise can also be controlled by the passengers themselves, and the passengers can experience more fun during the ride. Worm paradise amusement rides is a new type of amusement equipment that is similar to samba balloon rides.

Worm Paradise Rides is a swivel chair ride with a seat model for the Beatles, but our Beston Amusement Equipment Company has created its lifelike, cute and cute, with the shape of a small ant standing on the flower above the seat, everything is so Close to nature, in the middle is a flower sea shape.

Details of Worm Paradise Rides for South Africa

The insect paradise amusement equipment is a popular new amusement equipment. Its appearance is beautiful and glamorous, and the material is made of FRP. The theme of the insect paradise is a cute insect model with brilliant colors and a cartoon image with vivid effects. The cover area of the insect paradise amusement equipment is 9 meters and the capacity is 24 people. The price of worm paradise rides is reasonable and the income is high. It is widely used in amusement park, kiddie park, supermarkets, playgrounds and other places.

Looking for other new rides that is suitable for kids? You can check this page https://amusementrides.co.za/kiddie-rides-for-sale-in-south-africa/. Or email us directly Sales@amusementrides.co.za. Beston Amusement will contact you soon.

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