Water park equipment for sale in South Africa become more and more popular in the water parks. They are suitable for new water parks and also suitable for earlier water park’s update. Water park equipment refers to all the amusement equipment that can be used for water entertainment. It covers a wide range and has many products. Every year, the new products and patterns of the amusement equipment factory are endless. From Beston Amusement, you can find water park slides, paddle boats, bumper boats and many other water park rides. Want to build a new water park? Contact Beston for more information now!

Different Types of Water Park Equipment from Beston Amusement

Similar with the mechanical rides, water park equipment for South Africa also comes with different types from the amusement rides manufacturer. There are boats which including electric boats, paddle boats, hand paddle boats and etc. There are water floats which including water bikes, water trikes, inflatable water bumper balls. There also have different types of combination slides that is the main equipment for water theme park. Which types of water park equipment you are looking for? Now let’s get more information about these water park equipment.

Water Park Equipment for Sale In South Africa
BNWP-01 Water Park Slides

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Water Park Equipment - Water Slides for South Africa
BNWP-02 Water Park Equipment – Water Slides

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  • Water Park Slides Combination for South Africa

Generally speaking, water park slides only appear in water theme parks. We tourists need to go from the stairs to the operating table ten to twenty meters, and then slide down by our own strength. Large-scale water slide is a kind of sensory excitement in water park equipment, and it needs more adventurous water equipment. It is loved by many children and parents. Common water park slides mainly include big horn slides, rainbow competition slide, spiral slide, spiral slide and space basin slides.

 Electric Boats for Water Park
BNWP-03 Electric Boats

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Electric Powered Boats for South Africa
BNWP-04 Electric Powered Boats

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  • Paddle Boats and Electric Boats for Water Park

Paddle boat and electric boats are common boats in the water parks. Compared with the traditional paddle boat power system, the electric boat power system is superior because it has the advantages of wide speed range, large driving force, convenient installation, easy maintenance, easy forward and reverse rotation, small size, flexible layout, low vibration and noise, etc. . As the new propulsion power of ships-electric propulsion, electric propulsion system, as the new main power system of ships, is gradually becoming the main propulsion system favored by large surface ships in the new century because of its high efficiency, high reliability, high degree of automation and simple maintenance.

Water Bumper Boats Equipment for South Africa
BNWP-06 Water Bumper Boats

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Water Bumper Boats Equipment for South Africa
BNWP-05 Water Bumper Boats

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  • Bumper Boats for South Africa Water Park

Bumper boat is a mobile game in an water amusement park. Participants participate in the game by riding a kayak supported by an inner tube that can be controlled in a certain direction. The raft in the bumper boat can be driven by an electric motor, a gasoline engine or a human (pedal). Some bumper boats are designed with water guns to allow passengers to play and splash each other. Bumper boat is different from the bumper cars, but they are popular at the same time. Will you choose bumper boat for your water park?

Wholesale Kids Hand Paddle Boat for South Africa
BNWP-08 Wholesale Kids Hand Paddle Boat

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Kids Hand Paddle Boat for South Africa
BNWP-07 Kids Hand Paddle Boat

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  • Hand Paddle Boat and Inflatable Pool for Water Park

The hand paddle boat is a kind of water amusement equipment that is made of PEPP which is resistant to impact, high density and anti-ultraviolet. It is a popular amusement method in water parks, swimming pools, scenic spots and other mobile water parks in summer. It is favored by children and parents because of its safety and fun. The hand-cranked boat has a shallow draft and can be placed in an inflatable pool and other places for easy movement.

Water Park Equipment’s Popularity and Development

Under normal operating conditions, the cost of a new water park can be recovered in the first one or two years, and the profit will enter the third year. Some water parks with very good operating conditions begin to return to costs and make profits in the first year. The water park, which has been in a state of non-return, has a direct relationship with its investment planning. As a new theme park, water parks can be integrated with other tourism resources, which can greatly promote the development of tourism in a region, so they are valued and supported by government departments. As an emerging industry, under the current situation of insufficient supply, the majority of developers are willing to invest in the water park industry on the premise of seeing huge benefits.

Beston Group – Leading Amusement Park Rides Manufacturer

Water park is a kind of theme park with water themes. Most entertainment facilities are related to water. Common water park equipment for these water parks mainly include: water park slides, wave equipment, lazy river, water play sketches, skateboarding, and interactive water houses. Beston Amusement – as a leading amusement park rides manufacturer, has delivery all types of amusement park rides to different countries, Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan, Zambia and etc. If you need other water park equipment for your amusement park in South Africa, welcome to send us your inquiry now, Beston team will reply you details soon!

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