Water bumper cars for sale in South Africa with cheap price and many different types from Beston Amusement. Water bumper cars mainly refers to inflatable water bumper boats. It is a kind of water park rides which is popular among kids and adults in hot days. We have four different types of water bumper cars for sale which including mechanical version, magnetic induction, remote control and coin operated. Which types of water bumper cars are you looking for? Tell us, we will reply you with price soon!

Water Bumper Cars for South Africa
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Water Bumper Cars With Proof for South Africa
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A List of Beston Water Bumper Cars for Sale for South Africa

  • Electric Water Bumper Cars

The electric water bumper car is a kind of water entertainment equipment, it is different from bumper cars. It is a new type of amusement equipment that uses a new powerful DC motor to tow a plastic propeller to generate power. These water bumper cars generally consist of two parts: One is: the theme part of the ship is the hull that generates power. The second is: the inflatable model surrounded by the outside of the ship. The inflatable model is generally composed of cute animals, such as ducks, swans, airplanes, and speed boats. It is a brand new way for children to play. The only domestic shallow water parent-child play electric bumper boat, the widened hull has greater buoyancy and safety, and better driving comfort.

Water Bumper Cars for Sale for South Africa
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Water Bumper Cars for Sale
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  • Laser Water Bumper Cars for South Africa

There are two series of laser water bumper cars produced by Beston company, which are made of ship-class environmentally-friendly thickened glass fiber reinforced plastic hull and thickened colored thickened buoyancy tires. This product does not require training, is easy to operate, and can move forward and backward freely. It is the first choice for fitness entertainment and water leisure. This product has a novel and beautiful shape and can be used by 1-3 people to ride and play. It is a real parent-child and family entertainment project. It is also equipped with a variety of new play functions such as laser guns and water spray guns, and has the characteristics of education and fun. The draught is only 0.5 meters. It is especially suitable for playing in various waters. Use in sports, playgrounds and other environments.

Water Bumper Cars for Sale In South Africa
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Water Bumper Cars for Sale In South Africa
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Characterstics of Beston Water Bumper Cars for Sale

  • The widened and heightened hull, the bearing space is larger, and the weight is 120KG, suitable for all kinds of customers, more suitable for parent-child play, it is a good opportunity to lose any money.
  • Adopting the heightened and thickened anti-collision tires produced by the Guangzhou regular large factory, which is cold and heat resistant, and comes with a fast air pump.
  • It has a new power transmission system that has obtained national patent certification, which saves more electricity and requires very low draft, as long as 25CM.
  • It is made of 100% imported yacht with new materials in one piece, which is not faded in the sun and does not break in collision; produced by imported environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and odorless, safe and environmentally friendly, it can be disassembled and assembled at will, and the general recreational vehicle can be put down.
  • Adopt double fixed drive propeller technology, no matter whether forward or reverse propeller will not fall off.
  • There are up to 7 hull colors to choose from: red, orange, purple, blue, purple, green, pink for your choice.
  • There are dozens of new cartoon anti-collision tires to choose from: gypsophila, beautiful swan, cute duck, cute tiger, cartoon hippo, doodle cow, dynamic airplane, etc .
  • All cartoon anti-collision tires are produced in separate air chambers. Each animal’s head, feet, tail and tail are independent spaces with independent blow holes to prevent tourists from playing when they are playing. Pulling on the head, feet, and tail of the animal’s balloon caused an air leak, resulting in the product not being used properly. Even if the tail or head of the balloon is leaking, you can use it normally.
Water Bumper Cars for Sale In South Africa
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Water Bumper Cars for Sale from Beston
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Compared with the traditional marine power system, the electric propulsion system of these water bumper car has the advantages of wide speed range, large driving force, easy forward and reverse rotation, small size, flexible layout, easy installation, easy maintenance, low vibration and noise.

These water bumper boat is a new type of water entertainment equipment composed of an independent hull and a cartoon balloon. It relies on a DC motor to drive a flexible shaft and a propeller to generate power. It is now widely used in various playgrounds and is popular Their favorite. There are many types of bumper boats on the market. How to choose these water bumper cars for your business in South Africa? Send us your inquiry for more information!

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