Top Spin Ride for Sale in South Africa, a type of large amusement equipment which is popular used in the amusement park and funfairs. It rotates at high speed under the action of strong centrifugal force which makes people feel the thrill feelings. It will be the best choice for those who love adventrue and seek excitement. Want to install a large top spin ride for your park? Send your inquiry to Beston Group now!

Top Spin Ride for Sale In South Africa
BNST-20C Top Spin Ride

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New Top Spin Ride for Sale In South Africa
BNST-20A New Top Spin Ride

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Top spin ride is high in the sky. Sometimes we also call it the space travel ride. This equipment is a playground device that runs around the horizontal axis and rotates. There are two kinds of hydraulic and mechanical transmission structure. The biggest feature of the top spin amusement equipment is that passengers sway and roll back and forth with the start of the equipment, and the sense of weightlessness alternates. It is like swimming in space, which is a popular amusement project for teenagers.

Beston Top Spin Rides
BNST-20B Top Spin Amusement Ride

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Top Spin Amusement Ride
BNST-20D Top Spin Amusement Ride

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Top spin amusement ride is one of the series of viewing cars. It is different from other viewing cars, such as trackless trains and mini ferris wheel rides. The angle of rotation is larger than that of ordinary viewing cars. The speed is certainly slightly higher than other viewing cars. The main problem of the high-altitude moon-viewing car is its reliability and safety. Children must be accompanied by guardians when they play. Beston Group has excellent product designers, professional technicians, and strict quality inspection. Staff, service is fast and thoughtful. The high-altitude moon-viewing car equipment has superior performance, safety and reliability, beautiful appearance, high quality and low price. Beston company’s amusement equipment has won unanimous praise from new and old users.

As the top spin ride rotates, the position of the visitor will become higher and higher. The two sides rotate forward and rotate to erect and rotate, and then rotate in a fast rotation, but sometimes they can stop in mid-air rotation, super exciting and fun, and installed on the cockpit. With the ever-changing lighting, this equipment has added unlimited fun and excitement, gorgeous cockpit, unique design, wonderful music, and high-altitude amusement equipment, which is the most popular among tourists. Love is also the best choice for investors.

Top spin amusement ride can accommodate 20 people in total. The tourists sit in the amusement ride and rotate with the big arm to make people swim in space. It is very popular among passengers. The characteristic of this equipment is that passengers sway and roll back and forth with the start of the equipment, and the sense of weight loss alternates as if they are swimming in space. During the operation, the swing arm on both sides drives the seat to rotate 360 ​​degrees up and down, and the seat as a whole will also rotate with gravity and mechanical force, which is more suitable for people who dare to challenge themselves.

Beston top spin amusement ride will be popular used in the South Africa amusement park and funfair. If you want to get more information. Welcome to contact us!

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