Planning to purchase some thrill rides for your amusement park? Here is Beston Amusement, you will find different types of thrill rides for sale for South Africa market. We have roller coasters, swing tower rides, disco rides, drop tower rides and many other large scale rides. Want to get price quotation about these rides? Welcome to contact Beston Group!

A List of Thrill Rides for Sale In South Africa

A large theme park must have various types of amusement equipment for tourists to play. Now, more and more family parent-child interactive amusement equipment, children’s demand accounts for half of the country, but adults are full of large and exciting amusement rides. Here is a list of thrill rides that is hot sale in Beston Amusement.

Thrill Swing Tower Rides for Sale
BNST-52T Thrill Swing Tower Rides

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Swing Tower Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNST-48A Swing Tower Rides

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  • Swing Tower Rides

Swing tower rides is an outdoor large-scale rotating stimulating amusement device. Passengers are suspended on the turntable with a circular chain along with the seat, and the turntable rotates and moves up and down at the same time, so that passengers can feel the centrifugal force of rotation and the endless running height.

 Large Pendulum Rides for South Africa
BNBP-30A Large Pendulum Rides

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Thrill Pendulum Rides
BNBP-23S Thrill Pendulum Rides

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  • Pendulum Rides

Speaking of large and exciting amusement equipment, the most classic and exciting pendulum of the playground must be indispensable. The main operating power of the large pendulum amusement equipment is the big arm. Passengers sit in the circular cockpit, and the big arm accelerates by 86° The reciprocating swing drives the entire cockpit to rotate and move up and down, and the cockpit rotates three hundred and sixty degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. The arm of the big pendulum reciprocates left and right, the amplitude is getting bigger, the entire cockpit seems to be flying in the air, so that the passengers’ worries are instantly abandoned by gravity. The big pendulum, also known as the meteor hammer, is a must-have amusement item in every playground. Like the Ferris wheel, carousel, and roller coaster, it is an enduring classic amusement item. The big pendulum with more than 22 seats is 10 meters above the ground. Above, the swing range is very large, and there are always traditional series of continuous exclamations and laughter on the big pendulum of each playground.

Large Thrill Drop Tower Rides
BPZ-FT75 Large Thrill Drop Tower Rides

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Thrill Drop Tower Rides for South Africa
BHC-FT Thrill Drop Tower Rides

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  • Drop Tower Rides

There is also a classic representative amusement device called a rotating space shuttle, which is what people usually call a jumping machine, and this is a rotating jumping machine. The jumping machine is an extreme sport. If you have something unhappy, then come and play the jumping machine. After a madness, all your troubles will be forgotten! ! If you have something happy, then ask good friends to play crazy jumping machine, tell your happiness to the blue sky and white clouds, let your friends also follow you high! It is a free fall amusement equipment, etc. This kind of rotating lifting tower requires a certain amount of courage to dare to try, but there are many people who have fun, and it is one of the must-play items in every amusement park. Only sit up, ascend to the top, and look down at the scenery under your feet. Before you can feast your eyes, you will be quickly descended and your small heart will go up and down.

Thrill Roller Coaster Rides
BYZ-GSC4 Thrill Roller Coaster Rides

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New Roller Coaster Rides for South Africa
BYZ-GSC-Z3 New Roller Coaster Rides

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  • Roller Coaster

Now that the classic large-scale exciting amusement equipment is mentioned above, how can one miss the most familiar roller coaster? Roller coasters are indeed popular as a long-lasting large-scale stimulating amusement equipment. The thrilling and unpredictable thrills fascinate many people. Large-scale roller coasters, from the third ring to the tenth ring, suspended roller coasters, vertical roller coasters and other different specifications, high cost, strong excitement, is one of the favorite projects of adults, is also one of the equipment with the longest queue.

Large Egyptian Adventure Disco Rides
BNDR-A Disco Rides

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New Disco Rides
BNDR-B New Disco Rides

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  • Egyptian Adventure Thrill Rides

The name of this orbital sliding style flying saucer equipment is: Egypt Expedition, covering an area of ​​88 meters in diameter, double-peaked orbit, sliding back and forth, more fun and exciting than the traditional Chinese flying saucer, it is popular among Class B amusement equipment Large-scale projects with good degrees. Sometimes we also called them the disco rides.

There are many interesting large-scale excitement amusement equipment. Different theme parks have different configurations. Of course, there are also many mechanical amusement equipment suitable for families to play together, such as bumper cars, carousels, self-controlled planes, pirate ships, etc., you can bring your family with you Enjoy unlimited happy time together!

The advantage of large-scale amusement equipment is excitement and eye-catching and suitable for young people to play, the first choice for tourists who want to experience the excitement from the playground is relatively large-scale amusement equipment, because this kind of amusement equipment is relatively more exciting Having used small and medium-sized amusement equipment, and lost in the amusement park or can not find interesting items, then large-scale amusement equipment comes in handy, because the characteristics of large-scale amusement equipment are big, so it is easy for us to feel very happy, give a sense of visual and physical impact.

Are you looking for new thrill rides for your amusement park or theme park projects In South Africa and other countries? Welcome to contact Beston Group for price quotation of different types of thrill rides.

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