Tagada rides for sale in South Africa, a kind of amusement ride which is popular in the amusement park in South Africa market. Beston manufacturing 8 to 40 seats tagada rides now in our factory. Made of high quality fiberglass materials makes our tagada rides outstanding. If you are interested in new tagada rides for sale for your park in South Africa, contact us now!

New Tagada Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNTG-24A New Tagada Rides

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Mini Tagada Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNTG-8A Mini Tagada Rides

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Running Mode of Beston Tagada Rides for South Africa

With it novel and beautiful appearance with strong music, the turntable sometimes goes clockwise, sometimes goes counterclockwise, and shake up and down at the same time, people rotation, turbulence and jump uncontrollably in the turntable, some daring youngsters can even dance in the middle of a turntable.

New Tagada Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNTG-24B New Tagada Rides

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New Tagada Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNTG-24C New Tagada Rides

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Tagada ride is equipped with high-power audio, DJ console, strobe light, enamel lights and various stage equipment. The tagada disco turntable brings infinite stimulation to the passengers with novel gameplay, powerful music and control personnel interaction and joy. The effect is even better under the night when the lights are flashing in the South Africa market!

With the sound of music, people’s breathing is shaking. With the operation of the turntable, people sometimes turn to the sea, turn around and sometimes the waves of the sea are bumpy and uplifting and like the space flying saucer.

New Tagada Rides for Sale In the Funfair In South Africa
BNTG-24D New Tagada Rides

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New Tagada Rides South Africa
BNTG-24E New Tagada Rides

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Why We Called This Equipment Tagada Ride?

Disco Tagada Rides is also known as the tremble, space disco, it is a common ride, many large amusement parks, parks. It is a large disc that can be tumbled and turned to do more than a dozen movements. Visitors sit on a sofa on a large disc for a week, accompanied by rich music, and the body moves with the disc. When people sit on it, it is not fixed! When the disc runs, it is like the waves of the sea, and like the flying saucer, the change is endless, and it is fast and slow.

Turntable Mode of Disco Tagada Rides in South Africa

The cylinder of the tagada ride is pumped by an air compressor. Passengers take off their shoes in the waiting area and wear socks on the equipment.
Open the door, the passengers enter in order, sit and stabilize.
After waiting for the visitors to finish, start to play the game instructions, the staff needs to check the equipment, and the door can be closed after the inspection.
The equipment can be activated only when waiting for the tourists to sit still. During the game, you can’t stand. You can’t put your head and hands out of the device to prevent scratches.

The Importance of Buying New Tagada Rides for Sale

This tagada ride is widely used and has a very high attendance rate. You can put it in an amusement park, shopping mall, park, or even on the street in South Africa area. No matter where it is, it can quickly attract many customers to experience it, then cause onlookers, queues and other good economic effects.

Technical Parameters of Tagada Rides for Sale In South Africa

Name Tagada Rides In South Africa
Voltage 380V/220V
Total Power 21kw
Size of the equipment 12*8*5m
Running Height 1.9m
Running Speed 1.9m/s
Cover Area 12*8m
Capacity 24(or 8-40P)

The FRP Turntable Shield of Tagada Rides

The FRP turntable cover is an accessory for disco turntables for amusement rides. It was first introduced from South Korea to mainland China and now become more and more popular in South Africa market. The disco tagada turntable launched by the Beston Amusement Equipment Factory has been carefully developed and improved by our company. It absorbs all the advantages of the Korean disco turntable and reduces the cost of the glass fiber reinforced plastic equipment.

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