The design of the luxurious sweet comet is inspired by the scene of the cat playing in life. The running track is similar to that of the Samba balloon/free jellyfish, but the shape is new and lovely, and the whole device looks vivid and interesting. “The Comet Man” is a popular term in the moment, expressing people’s love for cats, while expressing the cat’s cleverness and intelligence as humans. Welcome to buy your new kiddie rides for South Africa from Beston Amusement.

Technical Parameters

Model: BNSC-12A
Area:  6.5m
Passenger: 12
Power: 5kw
Voltage: 380V
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Technical Parameters Sweet Comet Amusement Rides
Power 5kw
Height 5.4m
Equipment diameter 6.5m
Floor area 8m
Number of guests 12
Rotating motor 5kw
Oil pump power 3kw
Rotation speed 4.5rmp
Rotation diameter 6.5m

The cat is a very simple animal. A wool ball can make it play. The cat is also an animal that is close to human beings. People and cats can coexist, and people or cats can enjoy the most. Simple, sincere sweet and happy.

The luxurious comet player amusement equipment can be used in parks, large squares, playgrounds, farmhouses, scenic spots, communities and other entertainment venues. This comet player has a total of 6 seats, each of which can take a family of 3 at the same time, so that parents and children can enjoy the fun together. Moreover, each seat of the comet has different colors, which are divided into purple, pink, blue, blue, green and blue. Passengers can choose different color seats according to their own choices!

This large-scale amusement equipment has absorbed the network. It is attractive to kids and popular among different types of kiddie rides. The popular element of the comet, the design of the whole set of equipment is not the cute characteristics of the comet. On the main shaft, there is a cute kitten holding a group of woolen yarns. On the rotating shaft, there are six different colors of forks extending around the forks. There are a group of yarns hanging on the forks. Each group has a lovely dragonfly on the wool line. Stars, this strange shape suddenly caught the attention of the players. The luxury comet revolving rides are large and medium-sized amusement facilities.

They are suitable for parks and large shopping malls. Not only do children like them, but also the adults will be interested. This will increase the popularity of the merchants and make investors profitable. Feng! The annual amusement equipment is a comet, what are you waiting for? The Beston luxury amusement equipment is colorful, and the six swivel chairs are decorated in six different colors. The luxury is beautiful and the atmosphere is full. You can ride four people in each swivel chair. At the same time, you can ride 24 people, you can travel with your family, or you can take a family of four, which will definitely bring you a unique play experience!

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