The spacecraft ride is a self-controlled amusement ride of Beston Amusement Equipment, It is a types of new design ride which is similar with the self-controlled plane rides. It mainly consists of mechanical and pneumatic systems. It is a kind of kiddie amusement equipment for lifting and lowering around the center of the vertical axis. Welcome to buy your new spacecraft ride for sale for your park in South Africa.

Spacecraft Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNSC-16A Spacecraft Rides

Model: BNSC-16A
Power supply voltage: 380V/220V
Total power: 15KW
Size of the Equipment : φ9.8 m * 6.8 m
Running Height: 1.9 meters
Floor Area: φ12 meters
Running Speed: 1.8m/s
Member: 16 people

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Technical Parameters of Spacecraft Ride for South Africa

Power Supply Voltage 380V/220V
Total Power 15KW
Size of the Equipment φ9.8 m * 6.8 m
Running Height 1.9 meters
Floor Area φ12 meters
Running Speed 1.8m/s
Member 16 people

The spacecraft amusement ride rotates around the center rocket or other styling decoration and freely controls the ascent. Passengers can freely move up and down through the control buttons during the flight, chasing and shooting each other. It is a kind of amusement ride that designed for kids that visitors can control the lifting themselves. The spacecraft has eight-arm models and the central rocket and boom are equipped with lanterns.

Beston spacecraft amusement ride is currently popular in the playgrounds, theme parks, tourist areas and other playground. As the name implies, the spaceship is an amusement ride with the theme of aerospace, it is attractive to kids and adults at the same time. The height of the spacecraft can be controlled by the tourists themselves. At the same time, it has various sound effects. It is especially suitable for group play. The spacecraft rotates 360 degrees during the rotation process and it is really easy to operate and control. Together with various sound effects, it can quality make people enter the rhythm of the game, as if driving a fighter in the air.

Leading Spacecraft Amusement Rides for Sale In South Africa – Beston Amusement

The spacecraft ride is a new type of amusement ride which is developed by Beston Amusement in 2018. It is one of the most popular ride which is designed for kids and developed on the basis of its conventional amusement equipment. The appearance also has the original aircraft rocket shape changed to the shape of the spaceship, congratulations for the Chinese space industry. In the original foundation, a series of modern music action modes such as sound and lights and amusement equipment self-controlled aircraft were added.

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