Several small size inflatable bumper cars has been exported to South Africa funfair several months ago. We received the inquiry about inflatable bumper cars on the website, the customer need to buy some small bumper cars for kids to play in their place. They want to do small business. At last, they bought 4 sets of small size inflatable bumper cars from our factory. Here is the feedback from South Africa.

Small Size Inflatable Bumper Car
Small Size Inflatable Bumper Car for South Africa

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Introduction of Kids Inflatable Bumper Cars

The advantages of inflatable bumper cars are small scale, safe and stable operation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, suitable for flexible operation in various indoor and outdoor venues. And can be combined with auxiliary facilities for a variety of theme management.

Inflatable bumper car adopts a load-bearing body design, combined with a fixed battery fixed structure, stable walking, full power, and hassle-free collision; it adopts ultra-wear-resistant polyurethane rubber wheel and mechanical overload protection system, which is resistant to pressure and abrasion, with stronger site adaptation.

It can adapt to a variety of floors at the same time, such as floor tiles, cement, asphalt, etc .; using rubber thickened anti-collision, good cushioning effect, more comfortable collision safety; equipped with the most advanced entertainment equipment management system, you can set the use time at will It can also query the usage times in real time, and has both short circuit and over voltage protection functions. Bumper cars have three styles (small 85CM, medium 110CM, large 130CM). Customers can choose any three styles according to local conditions and investment costs.

Application of Beston Inflatable Bumper Cars

Inflatable bumper cars are suitable for single child riding or parent-child driving. Inflatable bumper cars are suitable for various playgrounds, parks, scenic spots, shopping malls, squares, communities and other indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

Tips for You When Buying New Inflatable Bumper Cars for South Africa

When investing in inflatable bumper car equipment for your business in South Africa, you must not only consider how much the price of the inflatable bumper car, but also consider the process quality of the manufacturer of the inflatable bumper car. High-quality materials can improve equipment safety and service life.

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