Slingshot rides for sale in South Africa, also known as a reverse bungee ride. It is one of the most thrill rides in the amusement park which is attractive to people who seek advantages. Slingshot rides features a capsule attached to two poles by bungee-style cables. The capsule is launched into the air, with the cables controlling the height and descent. Welcome to invest in a new slingshot ride for your park in South Africa!

Slingshot Amusement Rides for South Africa
GF-36A Slingshot Amusement Rides

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Slingshot Ride for South Africa
GF-36A Slingshot Rides

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The slingshot amusement ride suitable for two passengers at the same time. Passengers can be ejected to high altitude in a flash and they can enjoy the feelings of overweight and weightlessness experience, at the same time also can do forward and backward random rotation while the cabin goes up and down, enjoys unparalleled thrilling, shock and sensory experience, thrilling and safety.

Slingshot Rides for Sale In South Africa
GF-36A Slingshot Rides

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Slingshot Rides for South Africa
GF-36A Slingshot Rides

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Why Choose Slingshot Amusement Park Rides?

Other similar thrill amusement equipment is difficult to reach such effect, so it is much favored by people have the courage to challenge themselves and will also attract more tourists for your park in South Africa.

Technical Parameters of Beston Slingshot Rides

Type GF-36A GF-32B GF-32C
Height 55.8m 44.8m 31.8m
Equipment level A B B
Installation type Stationary Stationary Stationary
Running height 37m 29m 18m
Power 82KW 67KW 67KW
Covering area Φ30m Φ24m Φ22m
Weight 68t 40t 25t

Combination of Slingshot Amusement Rides

The slingshot amusement rides consists of a pole, cabin, energy accumulator, hydraulic system, electromagnetic attractive force plate, electrical control system etc. And the slingshot amusement ride is very suitable for large theme park, funfair, and carnivals. We have designed fixed and mobile models according to different venues to meet the needs of different customers in South Africa.

How Fast Do You Go On the Slingshot Ride?

Slingshot ride is one of the most exciting vertical amusement rides around the South Africa. Tourists are propelled over 300 feet at speeds up to 100 miles an hour, up two riders at a time lie on their backs and face the sky.

Is there are wight limit for the Slingshot rides?

Due to the modifications of the manufacturer the maximum weight limit is 240 lbs per person. Ride at your own risk.

Why You Need to Buy a Slingshot Ride for Your Park In South Africa?

Slingshot ride is one of the most thrill amusement equipment. It is popular used in the theme parks. It bring more adventure to the passengers who love to seek adventures. Two passengers ride in the cabin, when the equipment is running , passengers will be sending to the high sky. We have three models available for sale, GF-36A, GF-32B, GF-32C. Welcome to choose you favorite model now!

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