Self-control plane rides for sale in South Africa, a self-controlled amusement rides of Beston Amusement Company. It consists mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic and electrical systems. Self-control plane ride is a kind of amusement equipment for lifting and lowering around the center of the vertical axis. The plane rotates around the center rocket or other styling decoration and freely controls the ascent. The self-controlled plane ride has 6-arm, 8-arm, 12-arm and other models. Welcome to choose your new self-control plane rides for amusement park in South Africa!

Self-control Plane Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNSP-16A Self-control Plane Rides

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Self-control Plane Rides for Sale With Lights In South Africa
BNSP-16B Self-control Plane Rides

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More Details About Beston Self-controlled Plane Rides for Sale In South Africa

Common model of self-controlled plane ride is 8 arms with 16 people. The kiddie plane ride is fixed to the arm about a vertical axis. The cute cartoon shape on the vertical axis can be customized according to your different needs. The self-controlled kiddie plane ride is composed of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems. They are suitable for the whole family to play together, parents can ride them with the children.

Self-control Bee Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNCB-16A Self-control Bee Rides

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Kids Self-control Bear Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNCB-24A Kids Self-control Bear Rides

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When passengers sit on a self-controlled plane ride, they feel like they are swimming on a real plane. Passengers have a feeling of flying in the sky and feel relaxed and happy because their bodies move up and down during the rotation. When the amusement park self-controlled plane equipment starts working, the airplane will rotate around the vertical axis. At the same time, the passenger can press the button to move the aircraft up and down, or stop at any time. The self-controlled aircraft is equipped with advanced music player and color LED lights, so it is very eye-catching at night. The colorful colors are more attractive to children, quite vivid and easy to operate.

Kids Self-control Plane Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNSP-16E Kids Self-control Plane Rides

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New Self-control Plane Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNSP-16C New Self-control Plane Rides

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How to maintain and operate self-controlled plane ride?

First of all, because the self-controlled aircraft has a mechanical arm, and the mechanical arm needs to increase or decrease the lubricant, before the equipment is operated, the operator needs to check whether the lubrication points on each arm are well lubricated, whether the internal gears, chains, etc. appear. In the case of drying, if it is dry, it means that the lubricant needs to be applied in time.

Kids Self-control Plane Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNSP-16D Kids Self-control Plane Rides

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Kids Self-control Plane Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNSP-16F Kids Self-control Plane Rides

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Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the base bolt of the entire self-controlled aircraft playground equipment and the anchor bolt of the transmission device are loose. If any individual bolts are found to be loose, they must be tightened in time. If bolts are not tightened, it is found that the bolts are not tightened. It is also necessary to replace the new bolts in time to fix them.

Then, comprehensively check whether the link bolts and pin plates of each arm of the self-controlled aircraft equipment are loose, and whether the cockpit balance lever is properly adjusted, and the split pin on the pin shafts at both ends of the tie rod is not broken or fallen off. These problems must be resolved in a timely manner.

Next, check whether the seat belts on the cockpits of each aircraft have been fixed and fixed, and whether they are damaged or unusable. After checking the cockpit, you need to check whether the welds of the support plates connected to the support arm are connected. Cracks and other conditions occur, and check that the pin on both ends of the lifting cylinder (some equipment is a cylinder) is fixed firmly.

Finally, check whether the grounding wire of the self-controlled airplane amusement park equipment is broken. Especially after the rain and snow weather, the self-controlled aircraft equipment checks the insulation resistance before running. I believe that as long as the preparation of the self-controlled air plane equipment is ready, there is no need to worry about equipment accidents. Buy your new self-controlled plane ride now from Beston Ltd.!

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