Samba balloon amusement rides in South Africa are hot sale this year. It is a type of cabin rides which is suitable for family fun. Samba balloon rides combines a colorful hot air balloon with a beautiful cockpit. It rotates up and down during the working process, just like a dancing Samba. That’s the reason why we called samba balloon rides. Samba balloon amusement rides integrates lifting, revolving and self-rotating. Want to buy this ride? Contact Beston Group Now!

Samba Balloon Amusement Rides for South Africa
BNSB-32B Samba Balloon Amusement Rides

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New Samba Balloon Amusement Rides for South Africa
BNSB-32A New Samba Balloon Amusement Rides

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Each cabin can accommodate 4 people. There are 6-arms, 8-arms, and 10-arms samba balloon rides for sale in our factory, and the number of occupants is 24, 32, and 40. Passengers can operate the center carousel by themselves to control the rotation of the cockpit, so that passengers can experience more fun during the ride. Want to get one new samba balloon amusement ride for your park in South Africa? Contact us now!

Samba Balloon Amusement Rides for South Africa
BNSB-32C Samba Balloon Amusement Rides

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Samba Balloon Amusement Rides for South Africa
BNSB-32D Samba Balloon Rides

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Technical Information of Samba Balloon Amusement Rides in South Africa Market

Seat 6 Arms(24 seat) 8 Arms(32seat) 10 Arms(40 seat)
Cover Area 6.5m 7.5m 10m
Height 4.5m 4.5m 4.5m
Voltage 380v 380v 380v
Power 6.5kw 7.5kw 8.5kw
Running Height 1.9m 1.9m 1.9m

Samba balloon ride is a perfect family amusement equipment. According to the different needs of customer, we can measure and provide excellent after-sales service. Really good quality and low price, customer first is our company’s consistent pursuit of goals and objectives. The design concept is mainly that the balloon and the beautiful cockpit are combined. When the cockpit is started to rotate, the balloon will swing back and forth with the swing of the cockpit, just like a balloon dancing, giving a happy atmosphere. It has evoked the favor of children and teenagers.

The samba balloon amusement ride has a strong interaction, using a combination of hot air balloon and mini cup cabin. A separate manual rotary turntable is provided on each samba balloon seat. This way, passengers can rotate with the turntable himself while the device is spinning itself. Because it can accommodate every family member, the Samba balloon is a perfect project to attract the entire family to participate in the game. Invest one for your amusement park project in South Africa?

More Information About the Samba Balloon Amusement Ride for South Africa Market

Working Principle The main body revolves, the cockpit rotates, and the passenger can operate the center carousel by himself to control the rotation of the cockpit.
Material FRP, high quality steel, endurance board.
Application squares, parks, playgrounds, funfair etc.
Production Cycle 7-20 days

New Samba Balloon Rides In South Africa Park

This new type of amusement park equipment that combines a hot air balloon with a gondola. Visitors ride on the air and dance like a hot air balloon. Beston samba balloon rides is exquisite in workmanship, safe and reliable and really well received by customers. Beston is a leading manufacturer and supplier of all different kinds of amusement park rides, kiddie rides and etc. Send your inquiry now, our sales manager will reply you soon.

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