Kids rotatary bungee jumping rides is a type of bungee jumping equipment that allows the child to jump while spinning. We also called it dancing bungee. It can take 6 children at the same time to jump at the same time. The rotating bungee jumping amusement ride is a newly developed amusement equipment that is on the basis of the traditional bungee jumping, the rotating function is added, the more interesting, the park is rotating and the children are more energetic. Want to buy one set for your park in South Africa? Contact us now!

Beston New Dancing Bungee Jumping Ride for Sale
BNRB-6A New Dancing Bungee Jumping Ride

Technical Parameters

Area: 6m*6m
Height: 3.85m
Weight: 1t
Passengers: 6
Power: 5kw
Voltage: 380V/220V

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Accompanied by the best or gentle or cartoon music one after another, like a beautiful note, very beautiful. Rotating bungee jump ride, also known as a rotary trampoline, is a new type of amusement device that combines a rotating aircraft with a trampoline. Rotating bungee ride breaks the fixed pattern of traditional bungee jumping and incorporates novel design concepts, allowing children to participate more quickly and enjoy the sensory stimulation. It will be popular in South Africa.

Advantages of Beston Rotary Bungee Jumping Rides for Sale

  • Rotating bungee jumping rides can take 6 people and have more passengers. Rotating bungee rides 6 people at the same time, each person is adjacent, let the children enjoy the fun of the game while jumping, and strengthen the child’s competitive consciousness.
  • Rotating bungee jumping amusement rides has music function. It supports music customization. Whether it’s a pop song or a popular song, you can switch freely and let your child feel the atmosphere of play.
  • It rotate like a rotating flying chair. The children are very eager to ride the spinning chair, but many parents do not let the children ride the flying chair, because the child is small, too dangerous, and the rotating bungee ride meets the children’s desire, generally soaring in the air, while jumping on the surface.
  • The light of rotary bungee jumping ride is beautiful. There are multicolored lights on each pole and center column of the rotating bungee amusement equipment.

More About Beston Bungee Jump Rides for South Africa

Compared to traditional bungee equipment, the Beston new rotary bungee jumping ride is not only good-looking, but also very fun. Now why the rotating bungee is popular with children should have an answer. Rotating bungee rides can be customized, including height and floor space. Whether it is outdoor or indoor, whether it is a shopping mall or a park, it can operate rotary bungee, and the rotary bungee also supports timing function, which can’t be compared with traditional bungee jumping. Control, the advantage of rotating the bungee is greater.

Therefore, the emergence of rotating bungee ride will replace the traditional bungee jumping, which is bound to set off a bungee-like project in the middle of children’s play equipment. Our kiddie bungee jumping ride has been delivered to many places in South Africa. Want to get quotation for more amusement park rides? Send your inquiry to us now!

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