Different types of new ride on train with track for sale in South Africa market, also called electric track train rides. They are suitable for kids, toddlers, teenagers and also adults. There are many different models of track train rides with different track size and varies appearances that is attractive to kids in Beston group. Welcome to buy it for kids now!

 Kiddie Clown Track Train from Beston
BNTT-A Kiddie Clown Track Train

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Elephant Track Train
BNTT-B Elephant Track Train

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Features of Ride On Train With Track for South Africa

  • Electric ride on trains with track are more environmentally friendly. All of these Beston track trains use battery power supply and there is no exhaust emission problem, it should meet the requirements of “energy saving and emission reduction green development”. This is the reason why more people choose the electric power track trains.
  • Lower noise than other trains. Most of the tourist attractions have restrictions on noise, fuel trains have more horsepower, but the noise they generated is greater.
  • Electric track train ride from Beston amusement is cheaper than other company. Generally speaking, price of the same model of small track train is cheaper than the fuel trackless train. Considering the price, many tourist attractions will choose electric ride on trains with track for their park and malls.
Kids Cartoon Track Train
BNTT-C Kids Cartoon Track Train

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Naughty Track Train
BNTT-D Naughty Track Train

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Different Types of Ride On Trains With Track from Beston

Elephant Track Train Ocean Theme Track Train
Cartoon Track Train Green Snake Track Train
Christmas Theme Track Train Naughty Track Train
Thomas Track Train Clown Track Train

The ocean theme track train for kids is novel in appearance, elegant in appearance, and adopts automobile paint process, with bright colors and various marine life. The equipment runs smoothly, the track trains and amusement equipment, the noise is small, after the arrival of the night, the price of the 14-track small train in the ocean, the flashing lights like glowing gems, beautiful! Cute dolphins and mermaids take you on a dip in the sea world.

Ocean Themed Track Train
BNTT-14A Ocean Track Train

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Christmas Ride On Train With Track
BNTT-12A Christmas Track Train

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Devices of Track Train Rides for South Africa

  • The track train that is running in the amusement park and funfair must have a motion limiting device, the lifting arm rotating around the fixed pivot point, or the member swinging around the fixed axis, there should be limit position limiting device, the limiting device is sensitive and reliable, and the DC motor is driven or the speed adjustable system is provided. When there is a speed limit device with a set speed, the speed limit device is sensitive and reliable.
  • When there are more than two sets of small rail trains running on the same track, there is an anti-collision self-control stop braking and buffering device. The braking formation of the braking device can be adjusted, the stopping of the sliding vehicle can not be used, and the collision is not possible.
  • These small ride on trains with tracks should be equipped with braking devices, braking devices are stable and reliable, braking capacity is greater than or equal to 1.5 times impulse, when the power is cut off, the braking device should be in the braking state, the tracked small train, along the scenic mountain Laying the rails on the side and driving with the rails through the train wheels.

Some Tips for Buying New Electric Track Train

  • It depends on the production qualification of the amusement rides manufacturers: because there are more and more manufacturers that producing track trains, there are many irregularities among these manufacturers, so investors should be careful when purchasing.
  • It depends on the quality of the track train: many investors want to save points when they choose in the early stage, so the small trains with cheaper prices are more popular, but we must pay attention to the need to protect money in this industry. The quality of the small train, because only good quality trains can bring more tourists.
  • In addition to these, the motor of the track train and other electrical accessories are also very important, because these have a great impact on its service life, only the qualified motor and other electrical components constitute the track train life. It will last longer and bring more profits to the operators.

Why Choose Beston Track Train Rides for Your Park In South Africa?

Beston’s track train is popular used in South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria, Botswana and many other places in Africa. If you are interested in our track trains for your amusement parks, theme parks in South Africa, you can contact our sales team now! We offer many models of track trains and we do also receive customer order. Send us your inquiry to sales@amusementrides.co.za now! Our sales manager will reply you soon.

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