Pendulum rides for sale in South Africa, one of the most popular thrill rides that is used in the amusement parks, funfairs. In Beston Amusement, you can find large 360 degree pendulum rides, you can also find the mini pendulum rides with 6 seats. It is a type of thrill amusement equipment that composed of four giant pillars, which are composed of a large bracket similar to the swing frame. A large pendulum is placed on the bracket. If you want to buy a set of pendulum ride for your amusement park, funfair, contact us now!

Big Pendulum Rides for South Africa
BNBP-30A Big Pendulum Rides

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360 Degree Pendulum Rides
BNBP-23A 360 Degree Pendulum Rides

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Technical Parameters of Beston Pendulum Rides

Installation Type Fixed No Foundation Fixed Fixed
Level A A B B
Height 18m 18m 13.8m 19.6m
Running Height 20.5m 20.5m 18m 23m
Power 150kw 150kw 82kw 82kw
Swing Angle 100 Degree 100 Degree 100 Degree 360 Degree
Number of people 30 30 23 23
Cover Area 24*18m 24*18m 14*15m 14*15m
360 Degree Pendulum Rides
BNBP-23B 360 Degree Pendulum Rides

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New Pendulum Rides for South Africa
BNBP-23C New Pendulum Rides

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Pendulum Rides for Sale In South Africa

Big pendulum amusement equipment is popular in the amusement park! The sheer size and powerful power ensure a stunning high-speed ride. Tourists sit facing the periphery for one week. When the equipment is started, the large pendulum rides carries the hammer. Passengers sway like a swing, accompanied by dynamic music, coupled with the 360-degree rotation of the pendulum itself, giving passengers an unprecedented thrill and excitement.

Mini Pendulum Rides for South Africa
BNBP-6A Mini Pendulum Rides

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Mini Pendulum Rides
BNBP-6B Mini Pendulum Rides

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Big Pendulum Rides for South Africa

The big pendulum amusement equipment is very popular, and the super pendulum project is undoubtedly a highlight of the theme entertainment park. Whether it is a player who is personally experienced or a viewer who stops to watch, it can bring them extreme enjoyment. The center height is 26m and the passenger’s flight height is 43m. The Super Big Pendulum is an impressive landmark that brings a thrilling experience to thrilling passengers.

The four huge pillars create a huge cycloid with a swing angle of 120 degrees at each end and 8 rpm at the lowest end. The cycloid accelerates to 110 kilometers per hour with an acceleration of 4.5g. Other parameters are similar to roller coasters. The cockpit can accommodate 40 to 50 people and features suspended suspended seats for a more exciting swing experience. Big size pendulum rides is more interesting than the mini pendulum rides. Which one do you prefer?

Mini Pendulum Rides for South Africa

The mini pendulum ride is a kind of small children’s play equipment for spinning.  It has 6 seats. You can see that the movement principle of the mini pendulum is left and right. The movement principle of the mini pendulum is derived from the pendulum, so the movement track and pendulum. It’s so similar. The shape of the mini pendulum amusement ride is a large disc. The circumference of the plate can be used for people. The passenger volume is naturally not to be worried. The quality of the mini pendulum amusement ride is reliable! In addition, the mini pendulum ride is a new type of amusement equipment in the 21st century. In addition, due to its small size, the floor space is also small, and the price is relatively low compared to the traditional amusement equipment.

The mini pendulum ride is triggered by the pendulum. The trajectory is also in the form of a pendulum. There is a disc under the arm. When the arm swings at the pendulum, the disc under the arm is rotated and operated in the pendulum. In the process, you will experience the thrills and excitement in your whistling sound. The tourists sit in the circular cockpit, the big arms accelerate and reciprocate, and all the troubles are thrown by the gravity. Very strong centrifugal feeling, visitors can also experience the feeling of weight loss for 1-2 seconds, the children sitting in the center cockpit of the pendulum swinging with the pendulum, fluttering in the air for a while, falling into the bottom of the valley for a while, thrilling fun, can Experience the feeling of astronauts in space. The small pendulum equipment is thrilling and fun.

The mini pendulum ride is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor fields in South Africa, such as playgrounds, squares, parks, kindergartens, shopping malls, restaurants, communities, residential quarters, etc. The product is made of environmentally-friendly FRP material. It is environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, stable and beautiful. It is a popular amusement park that is popular among children and children.

Pendulum rides, one of the most popular ride in the amusement park. If you want to install a set of new pendulum ride for your park or funfair in South Africa, contact Beston Team! Email us now or send your inquiry beside the model you interested! Our sales manager will reply you as soon as possible!

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