Paratrooper ride for sale in South Africa market: the tilting axis type rotary amusement equipment for kids and adults. Paratrooper fairground ride is a type of amusement equipment that can be customized. We had 8 arms and 12 arms paratrooper rides for sale which can take 16 and 24 passengers. It looks like a wicker chair which is popular used in the amusement park and funfair. Contact us for your new paratrooper rides purchase.

Paratrooper Rides for South Africa
BNPC-24A Paratrooper Rides

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Paratrooper Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNPC-16A Paratrooper Rides

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Passengers sit on the hanging chair to move back and forth in the tilt and sometimes rise to the air like a leisurely and enjoyable fairyland. Paratrooper carnival ride is a kind of large-scale amusement ride. It is tilted and rotated by the upper rotating plate. The paratrooper ride lifts and descends automatically and also slides smoothly.

Paratrooper Rides for South Africa
BNPC-16A Paratrooper Rides

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Paratrooper Amusement Rides In South Africa
BNPC-16A Paratrooper Amusement Rides

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Paratrooper amusement ride is suitable for kids and adults to play in the amusement park and funfair. Paratrooper rides, also called double flying rides in our factory. It is a kind of new amusement park ride. Tourists siting on the hanging chair in the tilting and swinging movement. Paratrooper amusement ride, one of the large-scale amusement rides which is operated by the tilting and rotating on the upper rotating plate.

Features of Beston Paratrooper Fairground Rides for Sale

Beston paratrooper ride, is novel in style, majestic, spectacular and combines thrilling and fun. On the suspended seat, passengers will rotate with the turntable and fly up and down so that they can experience the endless fun of the test. At the same time, paratrooper amusement park ride is also a tool for training and cultivating the brave and tenacious spirit of young people. It is an organic combination of entertainment and science. This ride is suitable for amusement parks, parks, funfairs, playground.

Application of Paratrooper Rides for Sale for South Africa Market

Product materials: edging steel, fiberglass, endurance board, etc.
Applicable places: shopping malls, playgrounds, parks, squares, botanical gardens, etc.
Applicable people: people of all ages (children need to be accompanied by adults)

Technical Parameters of Beston Paratrooper Ride In South Africa

Product Paratrooper Rides
Power 7.5kw
Size 7.5m*3.6m
Running Height 1.9m
Running Speed 1.9m/s
Cover Area 10㎡
Capacity 16/24 person
Voltage 380/220v

Advantages of Beston Paratrooper Rides for Sale In South Africa

The steel used in the two-day flying amusement equipment uses the regular large factory to produce the national standard edging steel and stainless steel steel pipe. Motors and reducers produced by regular large factories. Durable and low failure rate, all FRP products are made of dust-free paint, the paint surface is smooth and delicate, and the color is bright and durable. It is not easy to fade. The equipment is meticulous, safe and reliable, and is well received by domestic and foreign customers. It is one of the most special ride for two people to play in the amusement park. It is popular among kids, couples. If you are interested in buying a ride like this. Contact us for price.

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