Green worm roller coaster rides, also called fruit worm roller coaster. It is a kind of track rides which is newly designed by Beston Amusement according to the requirement of South Africa market. The main body of the green worm roller coaster is a large green worm. It is special and really attractive to kids. Green worm roller coaster rides which is suitable for South Africa market is popular used in the funfairs, large squares, amusement parks and other indoor places which is crowd with kids and adults.

Green Worm Mini Roller Coaster for Kids
BNGW-16A Green Worm Mini Roller Coaster

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 Green Worm Mini Roller Coaster for Kids In South Africa
BNGW-16A Green Worm Mini Roller Coaster

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Difference Between Green Worm Roller Coaster and Fruit Worm Roller Coaster

We have two kinds of worm roller coaster, one is green worm roller coaster and the other one is fruit worm roller coaster. Their difference is fruit worm roller coaster is decorated with some apples and other fruit.

Green Worm Roller Coaster Materials

The main body of green and fruit worm roller coaster are made of high quality fiberglass. Fiberglass is environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant, stable and beautiful. It is very popular among children. It is a ride that is similar to the dragon roller coaster.

Technical Parameter Green(Fruit )Worm Roller Coaster
Size 10*14m
Cabin 6 cars
Capacity 12P
Voltage 220V
Power 2kw
Speed 1.8m/s
Product Materials The main material is steel, decorated with FRP, and the cockpit is FRP.
Application Shopping malls, supermarkets, squares, parks, playgrounds, etc.
Suitable for all ages (children need to be accompanied by an adult)
Production Cycle 15-20 days

Advantages of Green Worm Roller Coaster in South Africa

  • Standard accessories are produced by regular and professional manufacturers
  • Low durability and low failure rate.
  • All FRP products are made of automotive dust-free paint. The paint surface is smooth and delicate.
  • The color is bright and durable, and it is not easy to fade.
  • The equipment is meticulous, safe and reliable, and is well received by customers.
  • After-sales service: Three packs of products for one year, lifetime maintenance (except for wearing parts).

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