Looking for new kiddie rides? You find a new ride for kids here! Beston Kiddie robot rides for sale are all with novel appearance, safe and reliable and easy to operate. The maximum load of Beston robot amusement rides in South Africa is 250kg. Want to buy our robot amusement park rides for your park in South Africa? Send us your inquiry now.

Red Kiddie Robot Rides for Sale In South Africa
BKR-01 Red Kiddie Robot Rides

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New Kiddie Robot Rides for Sale
BKR-02 New Kiddie Robot Rides

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With durable control motor, stable parking, no inertia, dual motor electric controller, handle operation can be left and right before driving with MP3. Each kiddie robot rides can be charged for 8 or more than 8 hours. Each of the robot ride can accommodate 2 people.

Kiddie Robot Rides for Sale
BKR-03 Kiddie Robot Rides

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Black Kiddie Robot Rides for Sale
BKR-04 Black Kiddie Robot Rides

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Details Introduction of Beston Robot Amusement Equipment

  • Robot amusement rides, transformers drift car double rocker operation, passengers can control the driving direction left and right, forward and backward, freely and easily with the original 360 degree rotation, and the interest is super strong.
  • The music intelligently plays the dynamics of the Transformers Science Fiction film. Built-in SD card slot, the user can change the song at will, the volume can be adjusted freely.
  • Full digital control system, voice report function and computer counting function double guarantee to ensure accurate records;
  • Each set of kiddie robot rides are all equipped with humorous and humorous fighting language. Another 0-60 minutes digital timer, easy to operate management!
  • Environmental protection, energy saving, no noise, no pollution to the atmosphere, land, waste water, waste residue, etc., no need to change the ground of the leased site, and will not cause any damage to the geological photos.
  • Four Directions: front, back, left, right. Parent-child double seat Realistic metal texture of the diamond shape.
  • Robot amusement rides in South Africa has no age limit and is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, parks, plazas, living areas, tourist resorts, real estate, schools, playgrounds and other venues.
Red Kiddie Robot Rides for Sale
BKR-05 Red Kiddie Robot Rides

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Passenger-Riding Kiddie Robot Rides
BKR-06 Passenger-Riding Kiddie Robot Rides

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Technical Parameters of Beston Robot Rides

Specification L1.4m*W1.4m*H1.4m
Crew 2 people
Function Music, front, left, right free to walk. Remote timing, 360 degree radar collision avoidance, shooting battle, humorous combat voice prompts, etc.


Battery 45AH*2, continuous use time 8 hours
After Sales


Battery motor charger warranty is 6 months
Motherboard warranty is one year
Appearance is not guaranteed

Characteristics of Robot Rides for South Africa

The robot ride is handsome and realistic, and the domineering Transformers itself is the favorite toy for children. However, many small hand-held toys have been Transformers, and the Transformers robot kiddie amusement equipment has been upgraded and improved many times to realize the children’s distant Dream, sitting on our King Kong drift car, as if you have become an invincible King Kong, experience happiness and excitement in the forward and backward turns, there are countless lanterns flashing in the night, is definitely the best choice to attract tourists!

Kiddie Robot Series

Beston robot rides makes full use of advanced technologies such as mechanics, light, electricity, sound and power. It integrates knowledge, fun, science and thrilling. It is widely loved by the majority of young people and children. People’s entertainment life, exercise people’s body, cultivate people’s sentiments, beautify the urban environment, play a positive role.

Technical competition and product positioning: This product is self-developed, with low degree of imitation, and belongs to new types of entertainment and leisure facilities. The industry has great influence and can be replaced.

Leading Robot Rides for Sale Manufacturer In South Africa Area

Beston, not only offer robot rides, but also offer all kinds of kiddie rides for South Africa amusement parks. If you are in need of these rides, feel free to ask quotation from Beston team now.

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