Bumper car is one of the most popular rides in the amusement parks and funfairs. What you should consider when buying bumper cars? Here are some tips for for you when buying bumper cars for South Africa amusement park:

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The bumper car is a classic amusement equipment, but with the development, the variety of bumper cars on the market has made it impossible for investors to choose. Sometimes, when looking at the same bumper car, the price is very different. As a professional manufacturer of amusement equipment, Beston Amusement feel that it is necessary to tell investors to choose the main components, so that they will buy bumper cars.

First of all, the power part, that is, the transmission mode of the motor and the driving wheel, is also a vulnerable part. The motor drive should be designed reasonably to avoid burning the motor; the quality of the wheel is crucial, and it is easy to wear and replace.

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Second, the control part, that is, the circuit control part that controls the operation of the whole car, music, lighting can work normally, some manufacturers design the circuit is very advanced, the propaganda of the sky is falling, but the customer you have to consider, simple fault whether you can do it yourself Solve the problem, in the case of circuit damage, the entire car can still operate normally, which is directly linked to your income. Therefore, when choosing, lighting, music, and control should not be less, but the circuit part should be as simple as possible, and you can solve it at any time.

Last but not least. After-sales service is the best guarantee of the bumper cars manufacturer.

The above three points are introduced. I hope that investors will pay more attention to the purchase, choose a regular manufacturer, and purchase a qualified bumper car.

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