Top 8 hot sale rides for sale you can buy for your new amusement parks in South Africa from Beston Amusement. Here is A List of Top 8 Hot Sale Rides for Sale for you to choose. Let have a glance now!

Kids Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor playground equipment is a comprehensive indoor children’s playground amusement equipment that is based on the combination of children’s growth, drilling, jumping, running, rolling nature and some children’s toys to cultivate children’s future habits. Kids indoor playground equipment contains many small items, such as slides, marine ball pools, swings, and octopus. Indoor playground equipment, the most popular small children’s playground equipment usually costs between $500 and $900 per square meter.

BNHR-01 Hot-sale Rides - Kids Indoor Playground Equipment for South Africa
BNHR-01 Hot-sale Rides – Kids Indoor Playground Equipment

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Hot-sale Rides - Small Indoor Playground Equipment
BNHR-02 Hot-sale Rides – Small Indoor Playground Equipment

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Different Types of Bumper Cars

Bumper car, as one of the most popular rides in the amusement park, are hot sale in our factory. They are suitable for kids and adults at the same time. They are easy to operate and control for kids. The collision really get a lot of pleasure for kids in the funfair. As for Beston, there are many different types of bumper cars on sale. Customers who want to open a bumper car funfair could contact us for custom order. We have inflatable bumper cars, battery bumper cars, electric bumper cars with different appearance for South Africa market.

Flying Swing Tower Rides

With flying swing tower rides, the passengers flying at high altitude are hung on the turntable with the ring chain of the seat, and the rotating and the combined movement of the upper and lower sides simultaneously make the passenger feel the joy of rotating centrifugal force and running height. This technology has changed the complex structure and high cost of such amusement equipment, which has greatly reduced the purchase cost and reduced the operation and maintenance cost. Flying swing tower ride is a landmark amusement ride that combines entertainment, thrill and excitement.

Swing Chair Rides for South Africa

The swing chair ride is one of the most beautiful and popular rides in the entire park, especially when the night lights are bright and dazzling. The diameter of the rotation is 16 meters. When riding, it is like a foot on the hot wheels flying in the air, constantly changing speed. It is thrilling and popular with tourists in the South Africa amusement park

Pirate Ship Rides in South Africa

The pirate ship is a newly designed viewing car amusement rides. It is a kind of amusement project that reciprocates around the horizontal axis. The amusement machine has different names because of different shapes. The “pirate ship” has its own antique pirate ship. name. When the equipment is started, the passengers ride on the pirate ship, and then there is a gentle and reciprocating swing. The passengers are like coming to the stormy sea, sometimes rushing to the waves, and sometimes falling into the bottom, very thrilling and challenging. Will make you unforgettable in the amusement park in South Africa.

Self-controlled Plane Rides for Sale In South Africa

The self-controlled plane amusement equipment allows passengers to participate in the experience of aircraft driving. There is a feeling of flying on the blue sky by themselves, which greatly attracts visitors to experience. Ride on the self-controlled plane, like a cloud, fog, ups and downs, in the fairyland, it is endless, popular with children, young people and tourists, and the new style, gorgeous and charming lantern decoration, realistic and exciting air combat The acoustic effect attracts many tourists and is an excellent investment choice. It is also very popular with the market.

Carousel Amusement Rides

The carousel, which is a vertical axis type single-turn undulating amusement ride, is designed to simulate the entertainment activities of the race hall. The upper part of the amusement machine has a colored cone-shaped ceiling, and the ceiling of the ceiling is filled with colorful FRP decorative panels, more luxurious style, such as the gorgeous race hall. It is a vertical axis type single-turn undulating amusement ride.

Tagada Rides for South Africa

The disco tagada turntable looks like a large disc that can be tumbled, turned, and do more than a dozen sports. Visitors sit in a seat on a large disc for a week, accompanied by rhythmic music, and the body moves with the disc. When people sit on it, it is not fixed! When the disc is running, the waves of the sea are bumpy and undulating, and like the space flying saucer, the change is endless, and the time is fast and slow.

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