Happy music bar ride, a new design kiddie ride which is prepare for South Africa market. It is a large rolling and stimulating amusement park ride. The boom wheel of the happy music bar rotates regularly on the large wave type track and the cabin is driven by the electric energy. Happy music bar can be controlled by the lifting and pushing lever. 360 degree rotation can be rotated freely. The happy music bar rides is novel in shape, safe and reliable, and the patented product is the classic choice. Buy a new happy music bar for your amusement park in South Africa now!

Happy Music Bar Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNHM-16A Happy Music Bar Rides

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Happy Music Bar Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNHM-16B Happy Music Bar Rides

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Parameters of Beston Happy Music Bar Rides

Name Happy Music Bar Rides
Power 25kw
Running Height 1.85m
Running Speed 4r/min
Application Suitable for 3 years old and above
Voltage 380V/220V
Capacity 16 person
Equipment Size  Φ9.8 m * 4.5 m operation
Covering Area Φ12 meters
Material Glass Steel
Brand Beston amusement
Passengers On the Happy Music Bar Rides

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Happy Music Bar Rides Seats

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The happy music bar equipment is equipped with beautiful music, magical hull, cool shape, and exciting rotation, all of which stimulate your senses. This new kiddie ride has the characteristics of large passenger flow, exquisite shape and brilliant lighting. Seiko manufactures the tumbling music boat amusement machine. The project adopts frequency conversion wireless control. With the start of the music, the speed changes rapidly, and the height is fluctuating. The cockpit can be flipped 360 degrees for unlimited fun.

Mechanical Picture for Happy Music Bar Amusement Rides
Mechanical Picture

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Mechanical Picture for Happy Music Bar Rides
Mechanical Picture

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The new type of happy music bar ride it is based on the original improvement of the music styling. This equipment is more suitable for the equipment, such as the name of the product. It is more beautiful and beautiful. It uses the bumpy principle of the track undulation plus the artificial 360° controllable tumbling cockpit. With the power of 4 main rotating motors and the strength is a great guarantee, the integration of the lights allows you to enter the thrilling dream world. Buy your new happy music bar rides from Beston Amusement In South Africa!

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