Ferris wheel rides for sale you can buy from Beston amusement equipment in South Africa. Different height of ferris wheels with different colors and themes are available in our factory. We produce large ferris wheel rides and mini ferris wheel rides with 5m, 20m, 30m, 50m, 65m. Want to buy one ferris wheel for your park in South Africa? Here you can find cheap ferris wheel amusement rides with good quality. Welcome for your inquiry for the ferris wheels for sale at any time!

50 Meter Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNFW-50A 50 Meter Ferris Wheel Rides

Technical Parameters of 50M Ferris Wheel
Voltage: 380V
Running Power: 18kw
Total Power: 25kw
Height: 50m
Diameter: 45.14m
Capacity: 126person
Cover Area: 35*32m
Cabin: 32
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Detail Information of Beston Ferris Wheel Rides

Ferris wheel in South Africa, sometimes, also called the observation wheel, giant wheel, panoramic wheel, gondola wheel. It is one of the most popular amusement rides in many large amusement park and theme parks. Become of its height, ferris wheel can be taken as a landmark of the park or city.

30 Meter Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNFW-30A 30 Meter Ferris Wheel Rides

Technical Parameters of 30M Ferris Wheel
Voltage: 380V
Running Power: 6kw
Total Power; 20kw
Height: 30m
Diameter: 25.6m
Capacity: 72person
Cover Area: 18*16m
Cabin: 18
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It is a perfect centrepiece drawing guests from miles away all the attractions which represent the most classical and beautiful attraction in the park. Ferris wheel are suitable for all age groups and all family members who can ride on the observation wheel to see nice landscape from its height. Each ferris wheel can be decorated with the special themes according to your requirements. Besides, the ferris wheel also can be equipped with the special LED lights, which looks very beautiful in the night and will draw more attentions for your park in South Africa.

Classification of Beston Ferris Wheel Rides in South Africa

Ferris wheel rides for South Africa market can be divided into three styles according to the structure, support arm with spoke, truss style, single arm basket style, but the single arm basket style can be only made under 30m high. It can be also divided into the below sizes according to the height, 20m, 30m, 42m, 50m, 65m, 88m, 104m and 120m. You can decide which height you need according to your requirement.

Materials of Beston Ferris Wheel Rides In South Africa

From the material, there are two types of ferris wheel rides cabin: fiberglass and aluminum alloy, from the capacity, it can be also divided into 4 seats cabin and 6 seats cabin and even 8 seats cabin.

Working Principle of Ferris Wheel Carnival Rides

The working principle of the Ferris wheel is to use the electric motor to decelerate through the reducer, and to convert the high-speed and low-torque to high-torque and low-speed mechanical power, and pass it to the wheel through an intermediate mechanism such as a tire that has both elasticity and strength, then make it rotate at a low speed.

42 Meter Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNFW-42A 42 Meter Ferris Wheel Rides

Technical Parameters of 42 Ferris Wheel
Voltage: 380V
Running Power: 16kw
Total Power; 25kw
Height: 42m
Diameter: 38.4m
Cover Area: 28*31m
Cabin: 24
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When you want to beautify your park and let your visitors appreciate the beautiful scenery and enjoy the serene life, you can choose ferris wheel to make your visitors relax themselves. It is necessary to purchase the most suitable ferris wheel for your park.

Leading Ferris Wheel Rides Manufacturer – Beston Amusement In South Africa

Ferris wheel belongs to flat rides. It is not only a must-have ride in theme and amusement parks all across the world, it also becomes landmark in lots of cities all over the world. Due to this high popularity, Ferris wheels has been the best investments for your amusement rides businesses. To meet your needs, Beston Amusement, a top manufacturer of quality Ferris wheel amusement rides, commits to offering your high grade Ferris wheels with reasonable prices. We are aiming at producing and designing high quality ferris wheel for South Africa.

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