Electric shuttle bus for sale in South Africa from Beston Amusement, also called electric buses, electric passenger shuttles, electric shuttle vehicles and touring cars. It belongs to popular amusement rides that is popular used in the amusement parks, zoos and even school. Where will you want to use this vehicles In South Africa? Tell us your requirement and send us your inquiry now! Beston Amusement Group will reply you soon!

Beston Electric Shuttle Bus for Sale In South Africa
BNES-01 Beston Electric Shuttle Bus

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New Electric Shuttle for Sale
BNES-02 New Electric Shuttle

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Features of Beston Electric Shuttle Vehicles

The battery of the electric shuttle bus from Beston Group has the characteristics of large capacity, light weight, long life, fast charging, high safety, high efficiency, etc. Its appearance design is beautiful, the vehicle performance is excellent, the appearance is unique and elegant, the interior is luxurious, and the operation is convenient, comfortable and safe to ride than other kiddie rides. They are generally used in domestic tourist attractions.

Clownfish Electric Shuttle Bus for South Africa
BNES-03 Clownfish Electric Shuttle Bus

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Dolphin Electric Shuttle for South Africa
BNES-04 Dolphin Electric Shuttle

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Electric Shuttles Types from Beston Amusement

There are many different types of electric shuttles from our factory, you can choose according to your usage. There are 15 passenger electric shuttles and also nine passenger electric shuttle. There are dolphin electric shuttle bus and also clown-fish electric bus. There are single-deck electric shuttle and also double-deck electric shuttle. So many different types of new electric shuttles for kids and adults with cheap price. Welcome to contact us for price list now!

Beston Vintage Electric Shuttle
BNES-05 Beston Vintage Electric Shuttle

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Electric Shuttle Buses for Sale
BNES-06 Electric Shuttle Buses

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3 Point to Know More About Beston Electric Buses

Want to know more about Beston electric passenger shuttles? First of all, let’s see the overall situation of electric shuttle cars. The biggest difference between our electric shuttles and traditional shuttle bus is that our electric shuttle car use power batteries, which have very powerful power and good battery life.

Ability, it completely replaces the engine using the fuel tank, not only saves energy and money, but is also very green. Because it is of great significance for us to improve the living environment of mankind. Our electric passenger shuttles are normally open, (but there are also closed ones), so that it can meet the needs of tourists for sightseeing. There is a awning on the roof, which can bring extraordinary good ride experience. The interior of the electric shuttle car is also very simple, just a few rows of comfortable seats, very clean and orderly.

Second to know is the description of the power source. The power of the electric sightseeing car from Beston Amusement comes from the battery, which is the core of the whole car. Without it, there is no way to provide power to the motor, and the electric shuttle cannot drive without power. Therefore, our electric shuttle car has the characteristics of light weight and large carrying capacity. Reasonable use can extend the battery life. At the same time, our battery also has the characteristics of fast charging, good safety performance, etc., and can be selected independently and configured flexibly.

Beston Double Decker Electric Shuttle
BNES-07 Beston Double Decker Electric Shuttle

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Beston Electric Shuttle Bus for Sale In South Africa
BNES-08 Beston Electric Shuttle Bus

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Third to know of Beston electric shuttle bus is the safety. It is also very good because it is a low-speed vehicle during use. The deceleration device of the electric sightseeing car can minimize the impact on the passengers when stopping and starting.

New Electric Shuttle Buying Skills for Your Park

There are various styles of electric sightseeing cars on the market and various brands. How should consumers choose electric sightseeing cars?

  • First of all, it is necessary to know whether the brand manufacturer has an electric sightseeing car. The licensed enterprise has passed the acceptance of the Light Industry Council. Its technology development, production process, spare parts supply, product quality and after-sales service all have the production conditions of modern enterprises.
  • Then it depends on the production history of the brand manufacturer, brand awareness, and brand awards in the industry competition. Is the electric sightseeing car a durable product? More importantly, it depends on the reputation of the brand after-sales service and the commercial reputation of the seller. You can also according to your favorite. Choose electric sanitation vehicles for color, style, function and price.
  • When purchasing, introduce the actual operation of the buyer through the seller’s guidance and follow the instructions. See whether its speed control function, wheel hub sound, and brake performance are good. The wheels should rotate flexibly without heavy feeling. The controller power display is normal, and the speed change is excessively smooth. There is no shock at the start, and the wheel rotation sounds soft. No impact or abnormal noise, the exterior paint and electroplating are bright, no peeling.
  • Try the charger to keep charging normally. After purchasing an electric sanitation vehicle, the accessories, manuals, warranty cards, invoices, etc. that are included with the vehicle will be collected and stored. The warranty card should indicate the local warranty address? The user should send the card to the local authorized maintenance station for record. It is convenient for users to enjoy good service and maintenance.

Electric Shuttle Buses for Scenic Spot In South Africa

  • First, through the use of electric shuttle vehicles, multiple scenic spots in the scenic spot can be integrated. Especially for large-scale scenic spots, our electric vehicles are an effective tool that can improve the traffic accessibility of various scenic spots. The tourism landscape design along the electric sightseeing car is also very rich and varied. Moving around to change the scenery will give passengers a visual enjoyment.
  • Second, electric shuttle cars in major scenic spots will have scenic sightseeing stations along the way. In addition to the necessary tourist facilities, the scenic sightseeing station also has a variety of tourist activities and projects. Moreover, it can effectively cooperate with other means of transportation to effectively organize the transportation system of scenic spots, and then realize seamless connection between scenic spots.

Applications of Beston Electric Shuttle Buses for South Africa

Electric passenger bus is a kind of regional electric car specially set up for tourist attractions in the amusement park or school. It issimple than the trackless trains and much cheaper than the trackless train. It is mainly used for self-driving tours in parks, large amusement parks, gated communities, campuses, garden hotels, resorts, villa areas, urban pedestrian streets, ports and other areas. It is environmentally-friendly electric passenger vehicles for regional patrol and transportation. Powered by electric, these electric shuttle buses are cheap and really easy to operate. Want to invest in some new electric shuttle buses for your amusement park? Welcome to send us your inquiry now! We also supply other amusement park rides.

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