Electric go karts for sale in South Africa, hot sale amusement park rides for sale you can buy for your business. There are two different types of electric powered go karts which including adults electric go karts and electric go karts for kids.  Electric go karts is popular among kids which is different from the bumper cars. Which kind of electric go karts are you looking for? Contact Beston Amusement for price list now!

Beston Electric Go Karts for South Africa
BJ-SKD01 Beston Electric Go Karts

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Kiddie Electric Go Karts for Sale
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Details of Beston Electric Type Go Karts for Sale for South Africa

The structure of electric go karts is similar to the traditional go karts. The difference is that the engine is different. The engine is replaced by an electric motor and then combined with the simple and rough frame, brake, mechanical steering, seat, tires. Then a purely electric mechanical go kart is born. But It is definitely a technical job to manage it well.

How to Play Electric Go Karts

An important principle of play electric go kart is: slow in and fast out.

People who just start playing with cars must think that the throttle is very important, and the feeling of speeding up the floor oil is very cool. However, everyone will step on the accelerator, the difficulty is precisely on the brakes. Learning to slow down the speed before entering the corner instead of struggling in the corner while braking is the first step in the advancement.

Beston New Electric Go Karts
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One Seat Electric Go Karts
BJ-SKD02 One Seat Electric Go Karts

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Go-karting is our first exposure to the standard mid-range rear-drive performance car (covering the face). I want to have a basic understanding of this type of vehicle: the steering is flexible, but there is a tendency to over-steer, which is why it is necessary to control the steering wheel. Pay attention to the proper angle, try not to rush in the direction as much as possible, and waste time by flicking the tail, and turning around in place. By the way, although for Kart, the flick is easy and can be forced, but for most racing cars, the flick is not good for the lap.

Outside and inside: For a common common curve, the most ideal route and alignment is usually: the end of the straight road brakes, and then use the inertia of the car to enter the curve from the outside of the curve (according to the actual situation), and then gradually approach the curve At the center of the bend, the heart is closest to the inside, and then gradually cheer out to the outside. This is the principle of slow-in and fast-out routing mentioned at the beginning.

Two-person Electric Go Karts for Sale

The purpose of the two-person electric kart is to satisfy the crowd who want to cooperate with the car. Compared with the traditional entertainment kart, the double kart combines safety, friendship, love, solid and stable HDPE body, efficient single disc brakes, and warning lights in place. Parent-child interaction, technical teaching and emotional communication.

Electric karts have also quietly emerged. The power output of electric karts is more linear than traditional gasoline karts. At the same time, electric cars can achieve pollution-free and quieter operation. These characteristics are very beneficial for indoor race tracks.

Beston Electric Go Karts for South Africa
BJ-SKD04 Beston Electric Go Karts

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Electric Go Karts for Sale
BJ-SKD04 Electric Go Karts

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Protection of Beston Electric Powered Go Karts

Although electric karts are small, they still have to be driven on the track, so preparation is naturally indispensable. Everything must be safety first.

In addition, gloves, ribs, clothes and shoes can be worn according to different needs. Compared with fuel karts, electric karts reduce the fuel tank and engine and greatly reduce the risk of fire. Of course, if you are not a competitive driver, it is difficult to drive the car to this The degree of danger.

Without the roar of the engine of the fuel karting “Boom”, it was accompanied by an inexplicable quiet, a little bit like the silence before the competition, but more nervous. Today, act as a driver and feel the difference between electric and fuel when driving.

The charging device of the electric kart can easily supplement the “fuel” of each car. The charging method also makes the entire venue, including the indoor venue, free of pungent fuel smell.

Leading Electric Go Karts Manufacturer for South Africa

As a leading electric go kart manufacturer in South Africa, Beston Amusement offer all kinds of electric powered go karts and some other amusement park rides. Our new rides has been exported to many different countries, such as South Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, UK,  Canada, India and etc. Which kind of rides are you looking for? Send your inquiry now to Beston team!

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