Dragon roller coaster rides for sale in South Africa, a type of new design dragon-shaped amusement ride for kids. The whole dragon coaster is driven by two front and rear transmissions that traveling along two spiral tracks, sometimes they spiraling upwards, and sometimes they falling rapidly. Dragon roller coaster rides is entertaining, interesting and exciting. We have one track and double track dragon roller coaster rides for South Africa park. Contact us for price quotation now!

Dragon Roller Coaster Rides In South Africa
BDR-01 Dragon Roller Coaster Rides

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Red Dragon Roller Coaster Rides for Sale In South Africa
BDR-02 Red Dragon Roller Coaster Rides

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The elegant dragon shape and the decoration with ethnic characteristics add to the interest of tourists, and dragon roller coaster rides for South Africa market is a kind of amusement machine that is popular among the masses. The gliding dragon belongs to a kind of amusement equipment which is similar to the bee amusement equipment. The slide dragon coaster rides is a large-scale amusement equipment that runs along the designed track. The whole set of amusement equipment is generally composed of four vehicles and supporting rails made of high-quality glass steel.  Divided into single-ring and double-ring styles, Beston company specializes in producing large-scale amusement equipment sliding dragons.

Dragon Roller Coaster Rides - South Africa
BDR-03 Dragon Roller Coaster Rides

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Red Dragon Roller Coaster Rides In South Africa
BDR-04 Red Dragon Roller Coaster Rides

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Technical Parameters of Beston Dragon Roller Coaster Rides for South Africa

Total Track Length 120 meters
Gauge 0.5 m
Site area 25 X 18 meters
Maximum height of the track 3.2 meters
Maximum height difference of track 2.6 meters
Minimum bending radius of the track 4.25 m
Number of cars 6
Number of passengers 4 X 4 people + 2 X 2 people
Maximum train speed 25 km / h
Drive power 3 kW X 2 = 6 kW
Working voltage DC45 volts
Total weight of equipment 18 tons

Beston Amusement has spent a lot of effort and manpower on the production and safety control of the slide dragon roller coaster. It has been successfully walked in the forefront of the national counterparts. Welcome all colleagues and people with lofty ideals to visit our factory in China. The dragon roller coaster is using mechanical power to transport the sliding dragon and its rear part to a higher place. The kinetic energy or high potential generated by the height can make the locomotive get continuous driving in the process of sliding, and use the sliding. The orbital transformation in the process makes the whole process thrilling and exciting.

The “Sliding Dragon Roller Coaster” amusement machine is a variety of composite plane motions that are grouped in electric drive-driven amusement machines. The group car is shaped by the traditional “dragon”. It is driven by the former two transmission parts. It carries four cars and travels along the irregular spiral curved track. When the spiral rises, it makes a sharp turn and dive through the upper track.

Application of Beston Slide Dragon Roller Coaster For South Africa

The sliding dragon roller coaster for South Africa is a kind of orbital amusement equipment. Tourists sit in the cockpit and slide down from the top to stimulate the fun. The amusement equipment covers a large area and is suitable for large parks, playgrounds, tourist attractions and other places. Stimulating fun is second only to large roller coasters! If you want to get a new dragon roller coaster, send us your inquiry now!

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