Dodgem cars for sale in South Africa, also refers to bumper car rides in Beston Amusement. There are many different types of new dodgem cars for sale in our factory, electric dodgem cars, battery dodgem cars, inflatable dodgem cars and water dodgem cars. If you are planning to buy new dodgem car rides for your amusement park and funfair business, welcome to send your inquiry to Beston Amusement, our sales manager will reply you price list of these dodgem cars soon.

Blue Ground Grid Dodgem Cars
BND-A Blue Ground Grid Dodgem Cars

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Ground Grid Dodgem Bumper Cars
BND-B Ground Grid Dodgem Bumper Cars

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Dodgem cars are one of the best loved kiddie rides in the funfair and amusement park and create a stunning centerpiece for any event in these places. They are simply great entertainment for the family. We witness races, chases and plenty of bumps here and there between family. This attraction really brings people closer. Want to build a new funfair with these new dodgem cars? Contact us now!

Ceiling Grid Dodgem Cars for South Africa
BND-C Ceiling Grid Dodgem Cars

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Ceiling Grid Dodgem Cars
BND-D Ceiling Grid Dodgem Cars

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Charastics of Beston Dodgem Cars

  • Suitable for: kids – adults (kids under 1 meter must be accompanies by an adult).
  • Different types of dodgem cars for you to choose for your amusement park business in South Africa.
  • The craftsmanship details are very good, and the materials used in dodgems are thick.
  • Dodgem cars have better durability, which can extend the life of bumper cars to a greater extent, so that investors can obtain greater benefits.
Red Ceiling Grid Dodgem Cars
BND-E Red Ceiling Grid Dodgem Cars

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Ground Grid Dodgem Cars
BND-F Ground Grid Dodgem Cars

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Different Types of Dodgem Car Rides for South Africa

  • Electric Powered Dodgem Cars
  • Battery Operated Dodgem Cars
  • Inflatable Dodgem Cars
  • Water Dodgem Car Rides
  • Spin Zone Dodgem Cars
  • Ice Dodgem Cars
  • All of the ablove dodgem cars can be customized according to your requirement. Size and color can be customzied.
New Kids Dodgem Cars
BLE-PP New Kids Dodgem Cars

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 Kiddie Dodgem Cars for South Africa
BLE-PP Kiddie Dodgem Cars

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All Cost On the Dodgem Cars

  • Cost On Site for Dodgem Bumper Cars

First of all, you need to find a site, which can be indoor or outdoor, the location is relatively free, and the investment methods can be flexible and diverse. For example, some parks or playgrounds will lease some amusement projects in order to reduce their investment pressure, which also provides investors with the opportunity to choose children’s dodgem cars projects to settle in.

At the same time that you need to seize the opportunity, you also need investors to have a smart eye, to inspect the venue for children’s dodgem cars, and choose the site that you think is the most popular for investment. The specific price of the venue will vary according to the situation of each venue. The new playground venue may be cheaper in the early stage in order to attract projects to settle in.

  • Cost On Equipment ( Dodgem Cars)

Children’s dodgem cars are usually divided into two types: ground nets dodgem cars and batteries dodgem cars, and the investment gap is relatively large. For the cost on ground network dodgem cars, first explain the specific configuration of the ground network bumper car: floor + electric cabinet + cable + labor + car + electricity. The floor is divided into a lighted floor and an ordinary floor, and the price is about 70-300 USD per square meter; the electric cabinet is about 1500-2000 USED; the number of cables is different; the labor costs are different; the car is generally about 1500 one set; the electricity costs are different.

Then it comes with the cost on battery dodgem cars. Battery dodgem cars specific configuration: hardened ground + car + battery + labor costs. The battery operated dodgem cars only needs to be hardened and flattened to cost about 20USD  per square; the car is about 1000USD per unit; the battery is about 1000USD per unit; plus labor costs.

To estimate how much money it takes to drive a dodgem car for children, you must first determine whether you want to choose a ground-based or battery-powered dodgems. If your venue is not fixed, it is recommended that you choose a battery powered dodgem cars. The relocation is more casual and the investment is relatively small.

Dodgem Cars for Sale Manufacturer – Beston Amusement

The dodgem cars which manufactured by Beston Amusement has realistic shapes, environmental protection and durability, and long-lasting beauty. The tires are high-efficiency wear-resistant solid rubber tires, and the chassis is a national standard steel frame structure. , Cartoon, stable movement, durable, good quality and low price.

  • We have rich Enterprise qualification, understand the qualification, scale and service of amusement equipment manufacturers. Choose some brand of children’s play equipment with a strong image, even if the price may be relatively high.
  • Our Brand awareness. Brand awareness is often an important motivation for consumers to buy. The higher the popularity, the higher the revenue.
  • It is also very important to understand the quality and performance of amusement equipment produced by amusement equipment manufacturers, so that we can purchase amusement equipment with better quality and performance.
  • After-sales service, whether to arrange professional personnel to install and do equipment training on site, whether to help operations, provide operational advice.

Henan Beston Amusement, as a leading amusement park rides manufacturer, produces all types of new dodgem bumper cars for sale for South Africa. Our dodgem car and many other rides, such as carousel rides, swing rides, and trackless train rides has been exported to South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya and many other countries. Want to get more information? Just send your inquiry to Beston Amusement now!

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