Disco rides for sale in South Africa market, also called rotary disco rides, rotary UFO. It is a new type of large-scale amusement equipment which is independently developed by our company that based on the original equipment and improved with similar equipment at home and abroad. Suitable for amusement parks, theme park and funfairs. Welcome to buy our new disco rides now!

UFO Disco Amusement Rides for Sale for South Africa
BNDC-22A UFO Disco Amusement Rides

Technical Parameters of UFO Disco Rides
Voltage: 380V/50Hz
Running Power: 44kw
Max Track Height: 8.4m
Occupied Area: 25*11m
Capacity: 22 person

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Some Features of Disco Rides You Should Know

The biggest feature of the disco ride is that it breaks through the single operation mode of the original amusement facilities, and combines the rotary motion and the sliding motion. When the disco ride is running, the passengers will slide back and forth along the meniscus track, and at the same time, they also rotate at a high speed, making people feel up and down.

It is dazzling and very exciting, suitable for installation in large and medium-sized playgrounds. The second feature of the equipment is that the seat is changed from a traditional cockpit to a straddle. The appearance of the equipment is gorgeous and the gameplay is unique. When the equipment is running, the colored lights on the track change, making the whole equipment magnificent. Disco ride is one of the tourists’ favorite projects in the amusement park.

Technical Parameters of Beston Disco Rides for Sale In South Africa

Item Disco Rides
Height of the Track 8.27 meter
Capacity 22 people
Running Speed 39kw/h
Cover Area 30*10M
Color Yellow or customized
Suitable Place Amusement park, theme park, funfair

Disco ride belongs to a new type of playground equipment which consists of two parts: the track and the hull. The shape is same with that of the flying saucer seen on the TV. It is not the aliens but the different youths. Disco ride is very stimulating and very suitable for passengers who are tired of the boring life of the moment, and also very popular with tourists with great pressure on life, because many tourists say that they have all the body after playing the Chinese flying saucer. The pressure is drifting with the wind, making your body feel very relaxed.

Why Buy Disco Rides for Your Amusement Park In South Africa?

However, although it is not suitable for children to play, but when the disco ride is closed, parents can also let the children sit in the seat of the Chinese flying saucer, because the seat of the Chinese flying saucer is a mini motorcycle shape, the shape is very cool. For investors, Disco rides/ UFO Amusement Equipment has an unbeatable advantage in making money. Because there are 16 people in a single device, it is unimaginable to calculate the turnover of a day. So it is the latest investment. One of the children’s play equipment that is snapped up.

With excellent performance, simple operation, our disco rides really attracts many tourists with novel style, gorgeous and charming lantern decoration and realistic and exciting sound effects. Disco ride is an excellent Investment choices.

In the gameplay, the traditional equipment is used to break through the single sporting method. The flying saucer moves up and down along the steel frame track, and it also rotates rapidly. The passengers on the flying saucer fly up and down, dazzling and very exciting. Welcome to try Beston new disco rides for your amusement park or funfair in South Africa. Send us your requirement, price and other information will be sent to you soon.

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