Looking for carousel for sale in Nigeria? Want to build a new carousel for your business in Nigeria? Welcome to Beston Amusement. Carousel amusement rides, popular rides for kids from Beston Amusement Equipment. It is a type of amusement ride, that is, on the large rotating platform, there are seats decorated with horses and moving up and down for tourists to ride. Carousel has been one of the most popular rides in the amusement park in Nigeria. Do you want to install a new carousel for your park? Contact us for details now!

Beston Carousel Rides for Nigeria
BNC-01 Beston Carousel Rides

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New Carousel Rides for Nigeria
BNC-02 New Carousel Rides for Nigeria

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Cockpit of Beston Carousel Rides for Nigeria

The cockpit of the traditional carousel rides revolves around the central axis, and at the same time, it keeps going up and down in a cycle. The cockpit is mainly shaped by horses, but also has the shapes of various other animals. If you need other shapes, you can contact with our sales manager.

Carousel for Sale In Nigeria
BNC-03 Carousel for Sale

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Beston Carousel for Nigeria
BNC-04 Beston Carousel

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Different Types of New Carousel Rides from Beston Group

At present, there are various types of carousel with different shapes on the market, which are divided according to the number of seats: small carousel horses (mini carousel horses) with 3, 6, 8 seats, etc., 12, 16, 18, 24, 36 , 68, 88 large carousel.

  • According to the number of layers: there are single-layer, double-layer carousel.
  • According to the placement position of the transmission mechanism: there are upper transmission, lower (imitation upper) transmission carousel.
  • According to the configuration level: there are simple carousel, ordinary carousel, and luxury carousel.
  • According to fixed/mobile points: fixed carousel, mobile carousel.
  • According to the theme, it can be divided into marine style, European style, animal style, forest style, etc. (customizable).
Ocean Carousel for Nigeria
BNC-05 Ocean Carousel

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Beston Kiddie Carousel for Nigeria
BNC-06 Beston Kiddie Carousel for Nigeria

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Delivery, Packing and Shipment of Beston Carousels

1. Delivery: The production cycle is about 25 days. After the equipment is completed, test machine, no-load test machine and load test machine will be carried out.
2. Packaging (disassembly)
①Bubble film + wooden box (free of fumigation)
②Heavy goods are on the bottom and light goods are on the top to prevent damage to the goods.
③FRP is packaged separately to avoid knocking damage.

3. Shipment (24-seater carousel uses a high cabinet)
①The product parts are labeled with marks so that customers can count the quantity.
②The four corners of the iron frame are fixed with iron wires and wooden boards to prevent damage to the goods due to movement in the box.

New Carousel for Sale In Nigeria
BNC-07 New Carousel

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Carousel Ride for Sale In Nigeria
BNC-08 Carousel Ride

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Kids Carousel for Nigeria
BNC-09 Kids Carousel for Nigeria

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3 Horse Carousel for Kids In Nigeria
BNC-10 3 Horse Carousel

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Advantages and Selling Points of Beston Carousel Rides for Nigeria

Top-drive Carousel Ride Under-drive Carousel Ride
Independent design: accurate to every bolt, years of customer experience, our product design is stable and excellent. The structure is relatively simple and easy to install.
Strict selection of materials and rigorous workmanship: All steel materials are selected from large manufacturers such as Shanghai Baosteel, and the quality is guaranteed. All parts are purchased on a large scale, and all the products of well-known manufacturers are used. The steel frame is completely derusted and coated with anti-rust paint, which is waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, and extends the life of the equipment. Metal flaw detection is carried out inside and outside to ensure excellent performance. The iron parts are polished and derusted by a shot blasting machine and then sprayed with a primer and then a top coat. It is not easy to rust in relatively humid areas, and the product has high durability.


Advanced structure: The upper transmission structure is more stable and comfortable than the lower transmission structure, with lower noise, simple and cheap maintenance. Three-bonded glass fiber reinforced plastic with two cloths, smooth, flat and durable, with a bright spray paint color.


Professional glass fiber reinforced plastic products: made by a master with many years of experience, the average thickness is 5 to 8mm, the bearing part is 10mm thick and embedded with steel parts, which is stronger and longer life. Choose automobile-quality paint, 5 layers of spray paint + warm room drying by experienced painter, make the product lacquer more shiny and longer life. Among the amusement products, it is the “originator of amusement.”
Horses have a variety of shapes to choose from, and dozens of novel and interesting appearances such as carriages, lions, elephants, etc., are free to choose from. Suitable for a wide range of groups, basically suitable for any age group, giving people a romantic and warm feeling. It can be installed indoors and outdoors.
Unique private customized products: the patterns of the cornices and the middle screen, the ceiling, the lighting, and the riding horses can all be customized, making your carousel unique and becoming a local characteristic. The appearance is beautiful, the craftsmanship is excellent, the operation is stable, and the tourist comfort is high.


The double cornice design on the top is not only luxurious, but also protects the bulbs under the cornice. All lights use RGB-LED light source, which is selected from one of the best LED manufacturers in China. It is energy-saving, stable, long-life, waterproof and moisture-proof, and the color can be customized freely . Compared with products of the same type, under the same appearance, size and operating principle, the cost performance is better.
Before the carousel leaves the factory, it will be tested three times in the no-load state, unbalanced load state and full load state. All the trial run tests last for multiple days. Low investment and high rate of return.

Beston Carousel Rides for Nigeria

As a leading amusement park carousel rides manufacturer and supplier in China, Beston Amusement has delivery many sets of new carousel rides to Nigeria parks. We also install other new amusement rides to Nigeria. Want to build new rides for your park in Nigeria? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for details!

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