Carnival swing ride for sale in South Africa is a very popular ride among the amusement parks, funfairs. All these swing chair rides looks like a large umbrella (or a big umbrella that can shake the head). There are many beautiful, delicate and safe hanging chairs that can be seated by kids and adults. When the big umbrella rotates (or shakes the head), the hanging chair rotates in the sky. Do you need to buy these chair swing rides for your park in South Africa Market? Welcome to contact us for price!

Large Swing Chair Rides for Sale In Beston for South Africa
BNFC-32A Large Swing Chair Rides

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Beston Swing Chair Rides On Sale for South Africa
BNFC-32B Beston Swing Chair Rides

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Detailed Information of Beston Carnival Swing Rides for Sale

When chair swing rides is turned, passengers will riding on the hanging chairs which looks like they are flying in the blue sky. It is exciting and rewarding enough for kids. Large chair swing rides is a large scale flying tower amusement equipment that integrates various movement forms such as rotation, lifting, and dip. When the umbrella turntable and the middle turntable are rotated in reverse, the tower body rises slowly. At this time, the turntable swings and the flying chair is undulating, and the tourists flying in the air, and the sky is wide and thrilling. It is so majestic, soft and beautiful, and the colorful design is gorgeous. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive amusement machines on the playground. It is also the first choice for standard theme parks or modern playgrounds in South Africa market.

24 Seat Chair Swing Rides for Kids
BNFC-24A 24 Seat Chair Swing Rides

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Kids Watermelon Chair Swing Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNFC-16A Kids Watermelon Chair Swing Rides

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This classic amusement ride has a pleasant experience in many parks and plazas around the world, and it has always been the best-selling device. In addition to the original Baroque theme design, we now offer turtles and individual themes for your park. Many manufacturers try to imitate this flying chair, but until today, Zierer still maintains an unparalleled pioneer position, this device is popular among young people and the elderly.

Kiddie Watermelon Swing Rides In South Africa
BNFC-16B Kiddie Watermelon Swing Rides

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Kids Chair Swing Rides for Sale In South Africa
BNFC-8A Kids Chair Swing Rides

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Riding Experience of Beston Chair Swing Rides for Sale In South Africa

Around the world, there are many park, in many of the parks around the world, we have the “flying chair” amusement equipment originally created by Germany’s Qile, and passengers can fly to the “airborne flying chair” of the 40-seat and 56-seat models. A 12-meter high-sounding experience, with 8 double seats allowing two passengers to ride at the same time. Coupled with the idea, with a water spray device at the bottom of the device, it can greatly enhance the fun of riding. In addition, the “flying chair” can also choose to operate in reverse rotation, allowing passengers to fly forward or backward. It is worth mentioning that the well-designed lighting effects enable the “flying chair” to show its stunning beauty in the night. With its exceptional durability and the eternal beauty of the ride, it will be a permanent feature of your paradise.

Features of Beston Chair Swing Rides for Sale In South Africa

  • Overall appearance of the flying chair is elegant, giving a romantic, warm feeling, and every detail is very beautiful.
  • The ceiling is equipped with lights, and the lights flash when rotating, making this product even more dazzling.
  • The whole set of FRP materials are superior in material and have anti-cracking properties.
  • The surface is made of high-grade automotive paint, which has bright color and is not easy to discolor.
  • The operation of the machine is controlled by microcomputer, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and has a small footprint.
  • It is another ideal choice for mobile amusement equipment.
  • Quality assurance and excellent after-sales service make this product popular at home and abroad, and won the favor of customers.

Leading Carnival Swing Rides for Sale Manufacturer In South Africa

Our chair swing rides are popular used in the amusement parks in South Africa market. We are professional manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of carnival rides, amusement park rides, especially chair swing rides with different capacity, 12 chairs swing rides, 16 chairs swing rides, 24 chairs swing rides and even 40 chairs large swing rides. All of these carnival swing rides can be customized for your park in South Africa. Contact us and our experienced sales manager will reply you as soon as possible.

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