Bumper car rides for sale in South Africa, a mobile gaming facility which is popular used in the amusement park, funfairs in South Africa area. Bumper car equipment mainly includes bumper car cars and an indoor venue. There is an electricity grid on the ceiling. There are small electric bumper cars for passengers on the field. The bumper car is surrounded by a rubber apron and is powered by a vertical pole connected to the ceiling. The bumper car usually has a maximum of two people, a pedal for acceleration, and a steering wheel for steering. Interested in buying new bumper cars for your business in South Africa? Contact us now!

Beston Bumper Cars for South Africa Market
BNBC-A Beston Bumper Cars

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Beston Bumper Cars for South Africa Market
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More Information About Beston Bumper Cars for South Africa

Bumper Cars or dodgems is the generic name for a type of flat ride that consisting of several small electrically powered cars which draw power from the floor and/or ceiling, and which are turned on and off remotely by an operator. Normally a car can accommodate 1-2 persons, and has pedal to accelerate speed and a steering wheel.They are also known as bumping cars, dodging cars and dashing cars.

Beston Bumper Cars for Sale South Africa Market
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Bumper Cars for Sale South Africa Market
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Working Principle of Beston Bumper Cars In South Africa

The power supply of the bumper car is also called the ground net type power supply which mainly include a power supply network that composed of strip-shaped conductors is arranged on a large enough insulating plate and a plurality of conductive strips are arranged. The opposite polarity of the adjacent conductive strips is conductive. The strips are each connected to the same name end of the power supply in an appropriate manner. When an object is in the power supply network from the time of activity, electrical energy or electrical signals can be drawn from the power supply network via a sliding contact set.

Bumper Car Rides for Sale South Africa Market
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New Bumper Car Rides for Sale South Africa
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This block-shaped power supply network can be directly applied to power supply to bumper cars in amusement parks. The bumper car activity place adopting this power supply method does not need to be plated on the ground, and the ordinary ground can be directly used. The rules of the game of the bumper car are: the driver strives to complete the circle in the field as soon as possible, and can straddle the way and knock the opponent’s car. When the time is up, the operator turns off the power at the end of the game. The speed of a bumper car is usually very slow, even if it is a collision, it will not harm people and cars. The earliest bumper cars appeared in the 1910s.

Motor Drive of Beston Bumper Cars for South Africa

In fact, according to the performance of the bumper car, safety, convenience, speed and other factors, bumper cars for South Africa can be divided into: Ground grid and ceiling grid network bumper cars, battery bumper cars, and these two categories of products, of course, are the scope and use of battery bumper cars It is the biggest.

Although the battery bumper car is said to be a high-end product in the bumper car industry in South Africa, but the same type of battery bumper car, according to its motor performance, different types of bumper cars; the general battery bumper car and a high-quality battery bumper car internal parts are as follows for South Africa Market:

Modern Bumper Cars Traditional Bumper Cars
Three-stage gear speed transmission, power saving 40% The motor is directly connected to the transmission
Do not directly touch the ground, protect the motor, not easy to burn Due to direct contact with the ground, the motor has a short service life
The speed is high; the circuit board is not easy to be bad The speed is low; the board is easy to burn
Digital technology control, long service life


Using domestic commonly used analog technology
The board is small, easy to install, easy to repair 15 seconds of analog music, permanent music
High-fidelity real people original sing MP3 music, download at any time, leading the domestic trend Large, easy to break, maintenance trouble
One-button remote control operation, convenient and power saving Must have a fixed place, and to drive on a specific ground, investment, risk
Can travel on cement and other grounds, no need to fix the place, reduce investment risks Skynet and ground network must be installed. There is an electric shock accident, which can not guarantee the safety of the players.
No need to install Skynet, reduce the occurrence of electric shock and personnel safety accidents Charging 4-6 hours, can use 6-8 hours
Charging 3-5 hours, can be used 8-10 hours 2 sets of batteries 40 A / a; speed: 8 km / hour
1.9 meters long, 1.1 meters wide, 0.9 meters high one year after sales service
2 sets of batteries 60 A / one; speed: 7 km / h After-sales service for three years, circuit board for one year

Leading Bumper Cars for Sale Manufacturer In South Africa

Beston  Amusement- professional bumper car rides manufacturer for South Africa market, will produce all types of new bumper cars which including electric bumper cars, battery operated bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars, water bumper cars, kids and adults bumper cars, commercial and home use bumper cars and other new design bumper cars. Contact us, we will reply you with detailed price list. Click to Beston’s website!

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