Bumper cars are the most popular amusement rides for children nowadays in Nigeria. If you need to buy some new bumper cars for your business, Welcome to contact Beston Amusement. Because of their low intensity, low risk and high entertainment, they are unanimously loved by children and parents. Bumper cars are suitable for parks, squares, playgrounds, funfairs, playground, indoors and other places in Nigeria.

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Bumper car is a kind of strong participation. It is a kind of amusement equipment. Children will bump, rub, dash left, and hit right in the process of driving the bumper car, which is hard to prevent and exciting. The bumper car shell is made of environmentally friendly glass fiber reinforced plastic products, and the surface of the car shell is made of iron electrostatic spray paint, equipped with audio, positioning, lighting, timing functions, etc., using a safe voltage to allow tourists to ride safely.

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Battery Bumper Cars for Nigeria

The battery bumper car belongs to the latest type of bumper car amusement equipment. Its production is mainly due to the development of battery technology and the rise of new energy technology. It can travel 160km on a single charge, which is enough to ensure the operation of the vehicle for a day.

It not only has low energy consumption, but also is safer, and completely solves the problem of ignition at the electric contacts of the sky net and ground net bumper cars.

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Beston Battery Bumper Cars for Nigeria
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It has no requirements on the operating site, only the ground needs to be smooth, and it does not need to be equipped with professional ground, which also greatly reduces the investment cost.
It is a device suitable for all ages, with low investment, low energy consumption, and high income. It is a “gold-absorbing” weapon. If you are entering the amusement equipment industry for the first time, this type of equipment must be indispensable.

Our battery bumper cars have complete shapes and appearances, including traditional appearances, as well as various self-developed themed bumper cars. We can also design and customize the appearance according to customer needs to meet customer needs.

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The glass fiber reinforced plastic of our bumper car is made of double-layer glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the structure is stronger. It is smoother to the touch with professional sanding workers. It uses car paint and car spray paint technology, which looks very realistic, bright in color and durable.

Maintenance of Beston Bumper Cars

  1. Before operating every day, check the screws of all parts, and there must be no looseness.
  2. Before operating every day, inject 1-2 drops of oil into the wheels and bearings.
  3. Overloading is strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to expose to the sun to prevent discoloration.
  4. The battery should be charged in time, and the voltage of the 12V battery should not be lower than 10.5V, otherwise the battery will be easily damaged; check the top wire on the motor shaft, and there must be no looseness.
  5. When the battery cable is disconnected and reinstalled, make sure that the positive and negative polarities are correct. The red wire is connected to the positive pole of the battery, and the black wire is connected to the battery.
  6. Bumper cars need to be used intermittently (one hour of continuous use and 20 minutes of rest), which is helpful for long-term use.
  7. The ground for walking requires hardening and smoothness.
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3 Factors for Choosing New Bumper Cars In Nigeria

When Choosing New Bumper Cars for Your Business In Nigeria, you should consider these 3 factors.

  • Materials of Beston Kiddie Bumper Cars

The paint effect must be fresh, bright and light when it leaves the factory. For FRP products, only the special paint for automobiles can achieve such an effect. If the paint effect is dull, the workmanship is very rough, and the wind and the sun are less than half a year, it will definitely fade, because If the initial work is not done well, the later effect must be very poor. The decoration of children’s amusement equipment is all about the glass fiber reinforced plastic part, so this part must be fine, fine and bright.

  • The Shape of Beston Kiddie Bumper Cars

For children, beautiful appearance, colorful lights and wonderful music are the first elements to attract customers. Only by giving customers a good impression at the first time can they become your customers. In addition, the shape must have certain characteristics. Meaning, people will bring you good luck because of special meanings, so that he will continue to try, and then become your steady source of customers.

  • The Quality of Kiddie Bumper Cars

It is the most basic to ensure the normal operation of children’s amusement equipment. If customers have problems when riding your amusement equipment, it will definitely affect the mood of customers to play. They will think that your product is not good, so they will lose some old people. Customers, so if you want to attract customers for a long time, you must make customers believe in your products.

Tips for Choosing Bumper Car Manufacturers

Investors who want to invest in bumper car amusement equipment, when choosing a bumper car manufacturer for your business in Nigeria, the most important thing is whether the bumper car manufacturer is regular and how is the quality of the bumper car? What is the strength of the manufacturer. How strong the bumper car manufacturer is and whether it is formal or not, these are all things that need to be judged on the spot by the bumper car amusement equipment manufacturer.
When inspecting bumper car manufacturers on the spot, pay more attention to the manufacturer’s factory floor area, production workshop, and the number of bumper cars. Professional and regular bumper car manufacturers have a large number of bumper cars, and the parts of bumper cars can be seen everywhere in the production workshop. .

Secondly, see if the manufacturer has the qualification certificate for the production of bumper cars and the quality certificate for bumper cars. Without these two certificates, do not buy them. Then look at the service attitude of the bumper car manufacturer, which can reflect the quality of the manufacturer. A good service attitude is a sign of high quality. Look at the quality of the finished products of the bumper cars, and inspect the manufacturers on the spot. There must be finished products. You can experience the quality of the products yourself. The last is after-sales service. The manufacturer who is officially responsible will be responsible for the products sold to the end. The amusement equipment sold by Disney Amusement provides door-to-door installation and technical support, as well as operation training, and treats every customer seriously and responsibly. The after-sales service attitude is also one of the criteria for judging whether the amusement equipment manufacturer is reliable.

Beston Amusement – Bumper Cars Manufacturer for Nigeria

As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Amusement has delivery many sets of bumper cars and other amusement rides to Nigeria. If you are planning to build a new park or just want to invest in some new rides for your business in Nigeria, Welcome to contact Beston Team for details now! We have many cases in Nigeria.

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