Amusement park use go karts for sale in South Africa from Beston amusement, also called karting, go karts. They can be divided into electric go karts and gas powered go karts according to the power type. Hot selling new design go karts for sale can be used for amusement park, funfair, theme park and etc. Amusement park go kart is a four-stroke engines powered open wheel type mini race car. One or two seat go karts can be found from Beston Amusement for your amusement park in South Africa. Send your inquiry and we will reply you price list soon.

Amusement Park Go Karts for Sale In South Africa
BNGK-01 Go Karts

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Beston Go Karts for South Africa
BNGK-02 Beston Go Karts

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Details About Electric Go Karts

When run, go karts power will transmitted from the engine to the rear axle by way of a chain. Power output of Beston hot selling new design go karts for amusement park in South Africa is much less than professional-grade, therefore they are suitable for teenagers & adults as leisure use. Generally speaking, hot selling new design go karts for amusement park can seat 1 or 2 players and they have advantages of long time stable performance, low cost maintenance fees, customized formula track. Since appearance by 1950’s, Hot selling new design go karts for amusement park is becoming more and more popular in amusement parks all over the world and really welcomed by amusement park business owners.

Technical Parameters of Beston Go Karts for South Africa

Parameters Go karts Go karts
Brand Beston Beston
Seat Single Double
Power 4.8kw 6.6kw
Petrol Gasoline Gasoline
Oil Tank 5L 6L
Max Load 200KG 200KG
Max Speed 70KM/H 70KM/H
Weight 145KG 165KG
Brake Distance 1.5m 1.5m
Beston Go Karts for South Africa
BNGK-03 Beston Go Karts

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BNGK-04 New Go Karts for South Africa
BNGK-04 New Go Karts

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Structure of Beston Amusement Park Go Karts for Sale In South Africa

The structure of amusement park go karts is very simple which consisting of a steel tube frame, steering system pedals, fuel tank, transmission chain guard, driver seat and anti-collision bumper. These go karts are easy to operate. Driver of electric go karts wears a protective helmet and gloves. Just remember the left foot brake, add the throttle to the right foot, and the steering wheel is 1:1 steering. The go karting chassis is very low, only 4 cm from the ground, the runway is smooth and flat, which makes the driver feel swaying, adding roaring roar, and feeling the fun that can’t be realized. Once it slides out of the runway, the amusement park go karting will automatically stop and stop, and will not roll over, thus ensuring the safety of the driver.

Simple Introduction of Beston Go Karts to South Africa

Amusement park go karts for sale in South Africa is a special category in motor sports which is different from the bumper car rides. It is not only a project for the car field competition, but also a popular leisure, fitness and entertainment project in the amusement park and funfairs. Because of the simple structure of these electric and gas powered go karting, the light-duty steel frame is equipped with a 50cc, 80cc, 100cc, 125cc or 250cc gasoline engine, assembled into a 4-wheel single-seat mini-car, easy to operate, without a car body shell, in the specially constructed sports field and driving on a tortuous road by tourists in the park.

More Information You Should Know About Beston – Go Karts Manufacturer

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., covering size of more than 20,000 square meters. Beston factory has around 100 professional technicians & workers. Qualified products & perfect service is our essential goal to long term development. Our go karts can be customized with different sizes and colors for different parks, funfairs in South Africa.

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