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Showroom of Beston Amusement Equipment
Showroom of Beston Amusement Equipment

In the fast and exciting amusement park industry that developments change frequently, knowledge, good advice, service and reliability are of great value. Beston Group forms a dynamic team and has successfully been active in the amusement rides industry for many years.

List of Amusement Rides from Beston Amusement

Kiddie Rides: Kids Excavator Rides, Tea Cup Rides, Mini Ferris Wheel Rides, Self-control Plane Rides

Track Rides: Disco Rides, Mini Green Worm Roller Coaster

Bumper Car Rides: Inflatable Bumper Car, Battery Bumper Car, Electric Bumper Car

Hot-sale Rides: Carousels, Swing Rides, Indoor Playground Equipment and etc.

Beston expertise and professional guidance that is required to make decisions as effectively and cost-efficient as possible. Moreover we will be able to give you our professional support that is tailored to your specific request or needs.

Beston team is globally represented and can give all sorts of advice, support, and customized solutions on new park installing, so that your purchase will meet or exceed all your expectations and will benefit your company in every aspect.

Have a look at our Products page for all the new amusement park rides we have for sale. You can find a lot of different types of new rides which is popular used in the amusement park in South Africa and some special rides that is newly designed by Beston Group! Buy your new rides from our factory now!

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